Looking to re-discover my love for RP.

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  1. Not your usual title for an adult sign-up forum, but I'd rather have something mature. It's how my RP days began, and it's somewhere I'd like to return to... moving on.

    I'm a shapeshifter, but for now, am only going to RP as my base form; details under kinks and plots.

    Kinky Lil' Minx
    I'm extremely open in kinks, so it's easier to list what I'M NOT into, as well as my favourites.

    Faves: Romance, incest, interspecies, combat, defrosting ice queens, biting, age difference, size difference.

    Will not: Very little. Ask if you're unsure.

    Just a few, and flexible. Feel free to bring your own too.

    On The Edge Of Infinity
    A Borderlands-inspired romp through a fantasy world where rebels face down against robotic enforcers. There's also a more light-hearted version, more similar to Ratchet & Clank.

    Clouded Fantasies
    A mix of Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda, set in a more steampunk era. Lots of opportunity for pure smut here, if you're into monster on adventurer.

    The Ties That Bind Us
    Straight-up original fantasy with a focus on incest. Anything from medieval to future.

    Enter: Tabitha
    Height: 4'2
    Breed: Beranine
    Sex: Hermaphrodite
    Fur colour: Similar to rottweiler
    Eye colour: Black sclera, green iris, black slitted pupils
    Appearance: Overall rodent-like, bat-like ears, thick furred tail as long as shi is tall, ground-length pink hair.
    Magicka: Both in form of tattoos when not in use;
    • Inkpaw: tattoo form is of tribal arm-like markings on upper arms, fingers splayed on shoulders. When in use, phantom arms connected to chains are summoned around and held in hir paws.
    • Inkwing: tattoo form is off wings down hir back. When in use, semi-transparent wings with a span of eight feet spring from hir back.
    Clothing: Usually dressed in a hooded sleeveless coat and short skirt, alongside shoulder-length gloves, as well as thighhigh socks, covered by elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots respectively.
    Piercings: Lower lip snakebites [2], tongue snakebites [2], industrial and two studs in each ear [3+3], clitoral hood [1], nipples [2].
    Sexual info: Breasts are equivalent to B-cups, feral rodent body shape gifts her a softer, larger rump. Penis is roughly ten inches long, canine, sporting blunt spines and to each side, the underside ribbed. Hir clitoral hood is prehensile, similar to a ten inch tongue.

    Changable parts: Sex can be female, if preferred.
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  2. I would LOVE to play with this character. And the cloud one, though I'm not sure what it's about, has my attention. Would it be like us living on an airship? 'Cause that sounds awesome.

    Would your Tabitha be willing to play around with an Amazon? Maybe a six-armed one?
  3. I like the Clouded Fantasies one and the On The Edge of Infinity. Which no offense, reminds me of a Rage.
  4. Quiet One: That's what I was getting at. I adore Steampunk and airships and the like, but can never seem to find a partner. As for a six-armed amazon, it sounds like a challenge, but I'm up for it.

    Hattori: Reading back on it, it kinda does. Granted, I didn't play a whole lot of Rage... but what I did play, I liked.
  5. If unsure about the six-armed thing, I can make a regular Amazon. Have just been wanting to do a six-armed woman for a while now and no one seems interested.

    My first thought is like an airship crew. Maybe even airship pirates. It sort of depends on if you want our characters to know each other before the RP starts or not.
  6. I'm okay with six arms, and either friends [shipmates?] or complete strangers. An airship pirate crew sounds like it'd be nice and interesting.
  7. Beyond her name being Bolani Traiger (called Bo for short), being 7'1" and having six arms, I don't have much of an idea for my character. But if we're going pirate crew Bo would almost certainly have to be the captain. I can visualize her with a big hat and three-piece corset.
  8. All sounds good to me... bar the corset. I'm having a tough time trying to imagine exactly what that would look like...
  9. I'm not, but it's probably just as difficult to describe. Okay. Lose the corset. What kind of pirates would we be? Vicious pirates? Doubtful. Pirates just trying to get by on their own, without rules, taking what they need to survive as they go? Possibly. Smugglers of some sort? Could also work.
  10. Ooooh, smugglers AND stealing 'cos we have to? You've really grabbed my interest now.
  11. Interesting, seeing as your character grabbed MY interest first. Name for the ship?
  12. Uh... hm... The Jagged Cross? The Black Wing? Creativity has seemingly left me tonight...
  13. Tonight?...Different time zone. Gotcha. It's ten in the morning where I am. Maybe I'll come up with something later. Whatever the name of the ship, though, I think it should also be the name of the RP, since everything happens on it.
  14. Exactly 10 PM here; you've still got me another two hours. But yes, I agree, the ship name and RP name should be the same. It'd be a nice touch.
  15. I think I came up with a possible choice: Nightingale.
  16. Hey there. Our last roleplay planning came to an abrupt stop for some reason, but i still would like to give it a try. And since you know about final fantasy, how about we use 9 as a base? Magic and Steampunk elements are implemented there.
  17. Quiet: Nightingale sounds fitting. Anything more we need to do before launching the RP?

    Lusterless: IIRC, we cancelled planning because my character weirded you out or some such.
  18. She was not weird. I am just not good with furries, which i apologize for. I just have my limits. Take a look at this. I am fine with 1 and 2, but anything beyond that just feels a bit strange for me.
  19. I remember now. I'm not good with mornings. While I'm not AGAINST playing a human/humanoid, it's not a preferred option. -Chintap.- I do have a goblin chara, or I could use Tabbi's human or demifur [ears, tail, horns] form.
  20. I completely forgot to watch this thread .-. I'm so sorry but I am still willing to RP with you.
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