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  1. So many things *^* appease me, please?

    Hello, I'm Cyn!
    I've been out of the roleplaying game for about a year due to other commitments, but I just can't seem to stay away. I've been craving a new story or two (or five), and would deeply appreciate it if you could accommodate me~

    Post length: I return what is given to me. If you post a line or two, I'll post two or three lines. If you post multiple paragraphs, I will send you back the same.

    Response time: I try for at least once a day. Definitely more frequently for shorter replies, possibly every other day for multiple (6-8+) paragraph replies. I understand if you are busy and can not manage replying everyday, however, I just ask that you give me a heads up if you are a weekly or monthly responder.

    Pairings: Female x Male, Male x Male, Female x Female, Love triangles, No love rivalries, sibling (no romance) relationships, anything else you can think of!

    Genres: Anything really, but I prefer something with a splash of magic and/or suspense. New worlds, high fantasy, modern fantasy, horror, mysteries, bring it on~

    Outlets: Forums, PMs, email, skype.

    Fandoms: I love taking the fandom's premise and using original characters, so that if one of us hasn't watched every episode or read every novel we can still use the general idea for our own purposes. If there are any you would like to try that can be summarized quickly send me a line.

    Inuyasha - Searching for fragments of a relic that bestows great power upon the current owner.
    Cardcaptors - Containing several individual entities of great, specific power, that will obey only the one that proves themselves worthy.
    Sword Art Online - Players trapped within a virtual reality game that can only be released upon successful completion of the game.
    RWBY - An elite academy that trains future hunters and huntresses to combat forces that threaten the safety of the world.
    Sugar Sugar Rune - Competing for the right to rule one country/world by successfully completing tasks in a foreign land.

    Harry Potter - A magical academy or trying to find a place in the world thereafter.
    Mortal Instruments - Highly skilled humans acting as mediators between less than human races.
    Star Trek - Travelling the stars in search of adventure.
    American Horror Story: Coven - A boarding school for those with peculiar gifts, hunted by those that do not believe they are worthy of their power.

    Original Character Pairings: I would prefer the role with the ~ but I am open to both.
    Online Friends x Daily Enemies
    Survival - Zombie, alien invasion, vacation gone wrong, etc.
    ~Magician~ x Warrior
    Competing Schools/Students/Workers
    Cursed x Curse Breaker
    Spirit x Medium
    Haunting Victim x Haunting Victim
    Haunting Victim x Medium
    Medium x Medium
    Summoner x Summoned
    Adventurer x Guide
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  2. So you don't do canon characters for fandoms? Even if your partner doubles?
  3. Hey Cyn, I'm Daz! Your Online Friends x Daily Enemies sounds interesting, would you be interested in doing it in a magical setting? For example the characters could be attending rival elite magic schools, and both competing against one another in some sort of magic tournament.
  4. I'm intrestead in playing with the magician x warrior or Inuyasha.
  5. I'd like to do a Cursedx Cursebreaker RP please!
  6. Hey there. I have a plot that can be tied in with the vacation gone wrong idea.
  7. Oh my, look at all the lovely replies~ Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you all, I am new to the site and was expecting a notification if a post was made on a thread I created.

    @Ursarion - I have no problem playing canon characters, I simply find originals a bit easier if one of the roleplayers isn't completely up to date on the series. A mix of the two is also welcome! PM me if I haven't chased you off, please~

    @Daz - Hello Daz, nice to meet you! I love your idea, I'll send you a PM to discuss the details.

    @LoveandHate91 - Great! We can even do a mix of the two if you'd like. I'll send you a PM and we can scheme together.

    @slifer - Nice choice~ I'll shoot you a PM!

    @Nara - Hello! I'd love to hear your idea. PM impending.
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  8. I thought that too, but I've realised you need to select "watch thread" to get notifications for a thread.
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