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Fandom (Kpop has been a huge part of many of my roleplays lately because the idols have such great personalities that are fun to play with)
Romance- I'm a sucker for a good romance story. (I can also be slightly pervy sometimes but that isn't all I'm interested in)
Horror- that is always fun
*Second time is the charm*
My name is Ash, I have been roleplaying for about 8 years. My experience is mostly from a single person with the 30 or so active roleplays. (Please don't let that scare you. I have roleplayed with others before, but due to one reason or another they stopped replying (Schedule conflicts, lost accounts, forgets they have a message) or logging in at all (lost account, gets tired of site, ect.))
I consider myself a fairly detailed writer. That being said, I make mistakes. Sometimes I do not spell things right, have the correct punctuation, or flowing paragraphs. This happens to all of us at one point or another. I will try my best to catch all my mistakes, and that is all I ask of you.
*The part that NOBODY likes.*
That's right. This is the rules section. YAY!

1.) I may not be able to reply every single day, but I will let you know if I can't reply within two days. I ask that you do the same
2.) Replies may not always be incredibly long, but I will let you know if it will be a little shorter, and I will be sure that you can work with it or I will rewrite it if you feel that you can't. (Quality over Quantity.)
3.) My greatest pet peeve... Please do not use my characters without asking first. If you are at a point in the reply in which you need my character to do something so that you may continue, ask me and I will likely tell you to go ahead and use her/him to do the one thing so that you may move on in your reply.
Other than that, if you are having a problem with something that I am doing (posting style, speed, length... ect.) Let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

Plot Gems-
Odd pairings
(Ex. Secrets Uncovered- a vampire coven in an abandoned mansion and a pair of friends whom happen to get locked in along with the coven.)

Gang Wars
(Ex. Life Undone- Black Dragon and D.S. are a set of rival gangs in the same world as M2M is set)

Hilarious happenstance
(M2M- Girl tries to mug famous guy for money to pay medical bills. She gets caught. She and her friend must become mades to pay him back

Rompers (Just for fun, characters living a life.)
Romance (I can be a little pervy sometimes, but I am willing to work within any limits that you are comfortable in. (Keep in mind that these "limits" MUST FOLLOW THE IWAKUROLEPLAY GUIDLINES.))
And finally,
Fandoms- I love using Kpop idols as characters. I use book characters, and tv show characters. Real people sometimes. I use the people, though, not the plot. I am not a big fan of following a cannon plot. But that is just me. I would be willing to try it, should it be the right one.

While I am not opposed to it, I would prefer to stay off the boards with my roleplays. I much prefer private messages.
While it is not necessary, I like having records (separate messages containing) general information (such as age, height, or anything else important) and a picture for my characters.
I would generally prefer to keep my partners at the Adult Member age, as some things may not be appropriate for younger partners. (This is not saying that if you are younger and want to roleplay I will not consider, this just means I want to be careful that I keep the content appropriate for your age.) (Especially if it is something like a fight scene, or a murder mystery.)
As for anything that needs to be talked about outside of the roleplay, contact information will be provided upon your request.
I look forward to roleplaying with you~
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