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Looking for willing rpers who prefer to play female

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SleeplessVampire, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Im open to any type of rp except I can't play sadistic or masochistic characters I'm looking for someone who doesn't care about post length AT ALL and someone who won't forget about our rp although I'm horrible at fight scenes and I'm not comfortable playing a rapist I'm open to any type of rp

    rps that I'm comfortable playing:
    Yuri(or f x f)




    Medieval times

    Ton of sex barely any plot

    Lot of plot but There's also sex


    Animal people(not the same as furry to me here's an example


    These are it for now but I'm open for suggestions all the time

    also I'm looking for someone who can use anime pictures
  2. Also school type roleplays would be good for me as well
  3. I'd be interested in plot with sex, vampires, and medieval time role-plays. In fact I love those styles.
  4. I might have a sweet plot idea that's PrincessxWerewolf? Can I pm you the details?
  5. Have you read the first post?(just making sure you understand the rules in my rp searches)
  6. Yup their pretty easy rules to follow.
  7. Ok thanks feel free to send the pm
  8. Still looking here also don't sign up if your just going to forget the rp (for any who I am rping with currently if your reading this I don't think that you forgotten its just that I have rped with people who have forgotten)
  9. Hello :3

    I'm a bit obsessive, so forgetting an rp is very rare for me. I don't care about post length, just so long as I can understand what you are saying.
  10. Alright then would it be ok discussing rp over a pm ?