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Looking for the opinon of the community

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lewi, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. So I am debating (just for fun purposes not for any kind of profit) starting to live stream some games and such. What do you guys think I would need as far as equipment and such goes? Obviously a decent microphone, but outside of that I don't know. I've heard twitch.tv is a decent streaming site, but I can't really find any real information on it. Does anyone know? Like, is it free? Will it let me stream for how long I want or is there a time limit? Just general info, and what kind of games would you like to see me play?
  2. Twitch is free, yes, and I'm pretty sure there's no time limit on streams, seeing as how I saw someone do a five day stream on there at one point.
  3. Holy fucking shit that's a long time...any specific games you'd find interesting or any equipment I would need?
  4. If you're streaming through your PC make sure your computer can handle it. =/ Nothing like trying to stream a game but having it lag because your computer craps out.
  5. Point well taken lol
  6. Basically what's been said already. A game can run great on your computer, but as soon as you start streaming, you'll lose all sorts of FPS. And a good microphone is needed if you plan on talking, which I suggest. Unless you're 'famous', no one wants to listen to a stream with no commentary. A webcam is a meh. Take it or leave it. It's important for you to play what you enjoy, so don't let an audience completely dictate you. If you're interested in speedrunning, that's definitely a segment to look into.

    Twitch is great, but there is a 30-60 second delay between what you do and what your viewers will see. There are no time limits, and you can highlight streams. You can stream for as little or long as you like. My boyfriend streams and watches streams all day erryday, so that's where I get my info about it, haha.
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  7. What kind of computer setup does he have if I can ssk
  8. it's pretty easy to Stream actually, only problem is that (far as I can tell) most of the streaming programs cost money. And are fairly expensive at that.
  9. Aside from the software required, make sure your internet connection can tolerate livestreaming.
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  10. I stream on my ps4 on occasion if I'm letting a friend watch.

    Doubt the community would like to see me play dying light and get freaked out at night. Bloodborne too when it releases.
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  11. Though it's been said, if you don't have a higher in (at least 8GB or more of Ram) Your system will just not be able to handle the streaming software, the voice addons, and the constant live streaming. You'll need to make sure you are running a full t-base 100 incoming and outgoing with your Ethernet connection. DSL varies badly on connection, so if you don't have at least 100MBps Ethernet, I wouldn't recommend it.

    There are free streaming software, OST being one of them and I know folks are using it on Twitch.

    However, You need to be careful with twitch. They DO require you to get permission to Stream certain copyrighted materials.
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