Looking for something slightly dark

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  1. I'm looking for one person (and I am going to be picky) to roleplay one of a few ideas with. But first off, some guidelines.

    1) I don't RP any romance with anyone under 18. Even though it isn't smut, I just don't.
    2) Please be open to OOC communication. I like to plan ahead to an extent so that both parties get what they want out of the RP.
    3) No, I will not build the whole world for the RP myself. I expect some help.
    4) Please be aware that I have a pain condition and may unexpectedly have to vanish for a time. I'll do my best to let you know if this happens.
    5) If we are doing a manipulation heavy plot, please tell me you are manipulating my character and when, as it is a trigger for me.
    6) Same goes for hand injuries. Let me know before it happens.

    Now, on to the ideas.

    1) A romance between a cheating wife and her beloved. I'd prefer modern, but could handle sci fi or fantasy. Either way, the focus will be on the morality, so each person should be ready to NPC a host of background characters.
    2) A couple, either newlywed or in their fourties or thereabouts, who have fallen on hard times and face tough choices. Anything from becoming bounty hunters to just working odd jobs and the stress it brings.
    3) A bard and some other character who are each searching for the song of immortality. I actually have a small story based around this so it is a bit less flexible than the others.

    Let me know if you are interested.
  2. I am unsure if I will fit your needs or not based on the fact you noted you will be picky, but I figure it is still safe to at least show my interest.

    A) I'm over 18, so romance is fine.
    B) I don't mind OOC communication either- plotting at least a wee bit ahead is usually helpful, after all, and talking can help inspire us further anyway.
    C) I'm fine helping build the world, but I'll need at least your basic interests to help do so. I'll go look at your resume for help with that, though.
    D) I can understand randomly vanishing because of health problems of any sort. Plus, I can understand pain issues, since I have fibromyalgia and a number of other medical problems. As long as you don't mind that if you don't tell me and you're gone for a week I might PM you out of concern, it should be fine. I'll try to give you notice as well, but it shouldn't be an issue.
    E) I don't really care for too much manipulation, but if it's necessary, I'm fine with it and will discuss it with you first.
    F) ...I don't know what you're talking about hand injuries for- but if you mean to tell you if we have one, I certainly will. I don't know about the characters getting any, though...

    In terms of your ideas, I would mostly be interested in either 2 or 3, but 1 is possible as well. It'd depend on the character you prefer to play for that one, and in general, it's probably my last choice. For the second idea, depending on my gender will mostly change the general issues my character's personal background includes that may or may not cause issues. Also, the age variant would make a difference too, obviously. But the story is generally an interesting idea. The third would basically depend on the story you have in mind, but I'd love to hear it either way. It sounds quite interesting, but it's hard to say until I know your story included in it.

    Well, if I do fit or not, I'm not sure...But I do hope that if I do we'll have fun, and if I don't that you'll find someoen who you'll be able to enjoy your stories with either way.
  3. I am interested in the third one. I to might vanish for a time because I am in college and it is my senior year of college. I completely understand the rules and I am willing to abide by them.
  4. Juneberry, go ahead and shoot me a PM and we can see if we can work out some details!