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  1. Hey Everyone! I made an account here a while back but I got wrapped up in school and work and the like, and haven't really had a chance to use it. I'm still pretty busy so I'm looking to start something pretty casual. No real length requirements on posts, just make sure you give us enough information for the post to be interesting and engaging, and easy to respond to. In the same vain I'd prefer to avoid posts that are needlessly long. Again no hard lines, just nothing that would be too much of a slog to read through (Extensive internal monologues and whatnot). So really what I mean by all this is don't worry about length, just make sure it looks like you care about your post, and that it's easy for others to read. I'd like this to be a very relaxed, and casual environment. I just want everyone to have fun!

    Now if that sounds like something that interests you, I have a couple of ideas for rps:
    1. Witches and Hunters: The basic concept is that this would be in a medieval fantasy setting, you would either play witches (can be male or female), people marked by something called Wyrd that gives them reality altering powers, or Hunters a religious organization feared by many, who's purpose is to eliminate threats to the hierarchy of the world. They have their own powers which would work a bit more like superhero powers than traditional magic.
    2. Nightblades: Set in a different fantasy setting of my design, you would all be playing recruits to an organization of assassins, based in a magocracy, that specialize in killing mages. You'd start out young and work your way up to becoming full fledged nightblades.
    3. A Black Horse: A western urban fantasy, where all myths are essentially true in one form or another. It would be set in a moderate sized town, and would start with a mysterious plague beginning to sweep through the population. I would let you play pretty much anything you wanted as long as it had basis in some myth or another, and you kept with a sort of western feel.

    So hopefully one or more of these are interesting to people. I'm always open to suggestions too!
  2. I'm very interested in numba 3 but as in myth do you mean a legend of some kind?
  3. I'd do any of these, but I'm mostly interested in the Nightblades one.
  4. I'm interested in any of these. c:
  5. I'm interested in one and two. Might I make a suggestion as to what the male "witches" could be called? On my side of the town, males are usually referred to as warlocks and usually whenever people think of witches, they think female, but that's just me and my own personal experience. (:
  6. Myth, or Legend of any sort would work. Just sort of leaning towards your character being based in a real world mythos of some sort.

    Hmmm... witches in the setting is more of a loose terminology that the religious order uses to refer to people who use that particular power. It's intended to be derogatory and gender neutral because it equivocates them to basically animals. The "witches" and anyone who associates with them tend to refer to them as either Shapers or Hosts, and some of the more sympathetic or knowledgeable clergy refer to them as the Infected. As for Worlocks I actually already have a bit of an idea what that might refer to in this world. Thanks for the suggestion though! It's very much appreciated!
  7. Glad I could be of assistance. I have characters for one and two but besides that little random information, I hope we can start a roleplay soon! Although, to clarify, was there a specific number or number range of people you wanted before starting the signups/ooc threads?
  8. 2-3 I prefer smaller groups. Although I'm new here so I'm not sure if I will gain or lose people between interest check and OOC? Also I really only think I could run one of these at a time. Works getting pretty brutal this next week and all.
  9. I guess it just depends on which idea you plan to use.
  10. Well night blades seems to have the most interest. I'll try to have an OOC up within a few days.
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