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  1. Hello everybody!

    I've been gone for I don't know how long. There has been a lot of things going on in my life and I haven't been feeling well, but now I'm getting better.

    I'm thinking about starting roleplaying again. I think it would be fun, because I used to roleplay quite a lot before. The thing is, I'd like something easy-going, just to get my creativity out there and feel like I'm "back on track" again.

    Usually I write a few paragraphs and wants my partner to do the same, but for this roleplay I feel like there's no need for any specific lenght (but please try to keep it at the same lenght as I). Not saying that I will write paragraphs though... I'm probably going to write only a couple of sentences or something like that. So no pressure! That's like the main goal for my roleplay - just to have fun and not feel any pressure.

    There's something I'd like to ask you though, as my partner - please contribute to the story. Don't be all passive please. I'd be very happy if we both are aggressive in our playing style, that makes it all a whole lot more interesting and fun.

    I don't really have any ideas for roleplays, so feel free to suggest anything. Nothing too serious though - I want this to be fun and without any pressure so that I can feel the joy of roleplaying again.

    Thank you.
  2. Hi there!
    I would love to do some easy going RP with you~!
    PM me if you're interested so we can discuss some plots and such~! ^^
  3. I would like to do some RP too, if you still need someone?
    What themes/sort of things do you like?
  4. Sure! ^^

    I enjoyed watching Usagi Drop... but I don't know if it's maybe a bit hard to do something inspired by that?
    I'm looking for something heart-wearming and cozy (haha honestly I don't know really).
    Sorry for not being able to contribute with much... but I'd like roleplaying with you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.