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  1. Lets get down to business...

    I am ShadowDaisy, please call me Daisy. I am 19 and a college student. I am looking for a Romance OnexOne but I am pretty open to almost anything. I can play both male and female characters. My males tend to be arrogant and jerks and my Female characters tend to be....well they are all different in their own way. I can play more then one character at a time but I draw my line at four.

    I will give you what you give me. If your give me 10 beautiful written paragraph then I will try my hardest to match it. If you give me a one liner, I will probably cry a little on the inside. But I promise I will attempt to give you two lines, because I understand that yes sometimes we do get blocked. I am pretty good thought for at least 3-4 paragraphs.

    I wont do and MalexMale or FemaleXFemale because honestly I have never tried it and I feel like I would fail miserably at it. But if you can think of a good enough plot I could give it a try I guess. I have never done anything mature but hey there is a first time for everything right? I am willing to do it thought.

    Anyways I will basically do anything but I am personally craving: any type of person x Bodyguard, Genie x Wisher(I personally would like to be the wisher but I am cool with whatever) or a BookwormXDelinquent. But like I said I am up for anything. Vampires, Wolves, Fantasy, Princess, Knights, demons, you name it and I will do it. I just want to RP really really bad!!! Please do it with me!!

    Oh and if your interested in a group tell me cause I have got a great ideal!!
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  2. hello, I am willing to be your partner. I don't mind group and the genre doesn't matter to me. I really like the bookworm* delinquent suggestion but it you have something more fun then we can go with it.
  3. No I definitely want to do the BookwormxDelinquent thing for sure! Which would you prefer to be the Bookworm or the Delinquent?

    Oh and If your interested in the Group Rp I could PM you the plot.
  4. What about your character x their secretly lupine bodyguard? :)
  5. I would be very much down with that! Its sounds fun and exciting and dangerous. Lets do it TorTracyn!
  6. Woo! I'll message you and we can hammer out details :D
  7. That sounds lovey!!
  8. I'm down with being your partner. I like the bodyguard idea but not so much in the traditional bodyguard kind of sense yk? Just pm if you wanna rp?
  9. If you're still looking i'd love to work something out with you. :)