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  1. Did that sound emo? Probably.

    :bananaman: There now it's not so emo because that is a dancing banana. :D

    Anyways, while I might be new to this site I am definitely not new to roleplaying. I have not though, roleplayed in a very long time so I am looking for pretty much ANYTHING. That being said, there are a few things I don't do and those are listed in the roleplay... forum... thingie. I have no idea what it's called. Hehe.

    I do though looove new things and I am up for trying new things. I will admit though, right now I am looking for a Pirate RP. I have a few thoughts just floating around and if you want to snatch it out, just let me know. That does NOT mean that is all I want. So, yeah. Um. I have lots of different characters that I play. Errr.... I don't know how I feel about doing it over the forums because I have not done it before and I have this weird thing about people being able to read what I wrote. I will try it though.... I guess. Haha!

    I think that's it. :poke: That's for good luck so I can hopefully find someone to play with! :D

  2. I have also thought of something I would love to do. I have this pretty much amazing story line for a Fighter X Apprentice. I am watching Day and Knight and my brain is going haywire wanting to do all of these fighting scenes. If you want to do this one with me, I would probably find you, kiss you and then leave to come back home because I have school. :yay:
  3. I would like to do a pirate roleplay. I love me some pirates. But I wouldn't mind doing a fighter and apprentice type roleplay either. Either one I would happily do! So get back to me if you would like to roleplay with me!
  4. Well, I would send you a PM but I just realized that you do not have access to that part of the site yet. Soon enough. Haha. So I have some ideas for each of the ideas. The pirate one is pretty fun though and I would love to do that one.
  5. Well, I would love to hear your pirate idea then! We can do it over this, since yea, I can't pm just, or over the visitor message thingy. Looking forward to it though!
  6. At this rate you will be able to PM soon enough. You just have to post 6 messages on the forums to receive access to it. :D Anyway, my idea is:

    Idea 1: Wanting to leave home, this girl has decided that the only way to get away from life on the streets is to sail away from the tiny island of her home. Problem though; she is a girl and girls are forbidden aboard decks. She knows that she can pull her weight though and decides that she can pass off being a boy. After transforming herself to be a boy looking to start out on new adventures, she waits for the perfect ship.
    When the perfect ship rolls in it is looking for new crewmembers on account of the many that they lost in a bad storm. The ship holds tryouts and the girl manages to be one of the few that they take away from the island.
    It's not easy to keep her secret... and it is not long before the Captain begins watching her even more closely, taking her for private lessons and even having dinner with her. That is how he finds out about her secret. What is he going to do when he finds out?

    I leave it open at the end because there are so many different ways it can go, depending on the Captain of the ship. This is a lot of fun and I pretty much love this plot with all my heart. Haha.
  7. I really like that idea, one question though, is the ship she chooses just a regular ship? Since I don't expect a pirate ship to be docking on any island that is populated with regular citizen.
  8. It could be.... Of course most ships back then were something along the lines of a pirate ship, which is usually the way I do it. But doing something maybe like a Kings Navy ship would put a very interesting twist on the whole thing because he would be bound by duty to deal with her one way or another. Oooh... thanks for the idea. Haha!
  9. I'd take you up on the master/apprentice RP. That sounds dope
  10. I has sended you the private of a message. :D
  11. Okay, if its a Royal Navy ship, (or whatever they were called back then) I could totally see the captain needing to put his foot down in some way.

    Random question, how were most ships like pirate ships? I'm just curious, I hate it when I am too cause my questions seem rude to me for some unknown reason.
  12. Well... depending on where it took place, Royal Navy Ship is what they are called over in Europe (why I know that, I don't know o.O). Yeah, I could too and I think that would make things more interesting.

    Seeing as how I forgot about those guys that were "the good guys" pretty much all ships fell into the two categories. You either ran a good clean ship or you were pillaging for treasures from the merchant ships. Who I don't really consider anything because they are more like mules. Haha!
  13. Bah, people calling things by different names! Haha. Anyways, thank you for clarifying that for me! You always had navy ships that I'm sure were bad apples as well, taking bribes to look the other way or things like that.
  14. Oh heck yeah. It was to easy back then to land on some tiny island that was filled with bad things and just be whisked away.
    I'm glad we got that figured out though. XD
  15. I am too! So, not that we have that figured out whats next in this whole stage of planning?
  16. I... don't know. I think that's it. THE ONLY THING; I was thinking about this. IF it was a Royal Ship then there would be protocols for taking new people on board and they wouldn't just stop randomly and pick people up off the street.
  17. Oh you're right! That didn't cross my mind, they would most likely get new members from the Royal navy itself. Maybe they went through a storm though and lost some crew? Well, still seems a little flimsy of a reason since they can always go back to get more from the navy.
  18. Yeah and that was originally in the plot. So it would have to be a Pirate ship. That lost men and needed people right then and there so that way they could keep their shipment moving. OROROROROR.
    What if they are a Pirate ship that is working with a corrupt Navy Crew!? O:
  19. Oh, that's a clever idea! A corrupt navy crew would not want to go back to get fresh, loyal to the navy's causes recruits, that would just cause to many problems! Then of course needing new crew members they would head to the nearest port to find some. The captain can still believe in some of the navy's ways, such as women not being allowed to serve aboard his ship "I don't know if that was the case, but the way it was back then I wouldn't be surprised." thus leading to your original plot!
  20. You, Sir, are brilliant. Shall we move this to the PMs for faster/better planning? :D