Looking for someone to play male in mxf or female for fxf!

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  1. Hello!! So I have an idea that I would really like to try out with someone!
    I am really into old, medieval time settings. I've never had a successful roleplay in this setting because no one seems to be able to pull it off! So, here are my ideas.

    For the m/f:
    In a far off kingdom, there lives a princess, adored and loved by all of her people. War is constantly happening all over, and her kingdom is in danger of falling apart since it is such a small country she lives in. To gain an ally in the war, her father the king decides to marry her off to a kingdom with a ruthless king. The son she is to marry is just as bad as the king. Mean, and enjoys inflicting pain.
    So here are two possibilities.
    1) She doesn't want to marry the prince, but she knows she doesn't have the choice. When she goes to the kingdom to get married, she finds herself enchanted by the prince's squire. (Your character) Feelings arise and danger for both is inevitable. If she were to be with this man, she would be disgracing herself.
    2) She goes to marry the sharp prince, and is miserable by the whole thing. He is so rude, and doesn't care to marry her either. But deep inside, she knows that there's humanity in there somewhere.

    Now here's my idea for the fxf roleplay!
    This one doesn't necessarily have to be in the deep medieval times, it could be during the renaissance even. But both women are part of noble families, always having to live by the rules, constantly abiding my men's laws and expectations of women.
    This one is more open.

    I really hope that one of these caught your eye! I would really love to make this happen because I have been wanting to do this forever. If you have any other ideas, let me know! I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities! Please reply to this and PM me if you're interested!!!
  2. Still looking!
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