Looking for Someone to Make My RP Banner!

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  1. Hi! First of all, how are you guys? My name is Ketori, and this is the third time that I have been here to make a request to make a banner.

    This time, I would like someone to make a banner with this picture. The font I want on it should be an orange-y color. What I want the text on the banner to say is as follows: All the King's Men, and, right below it, Fight for the land of Ellira!

    Thank you in advance,


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  2. Changed the picture I wanted. ^^
  3. Not sure if you still want a banner but I made two just in case. c:
  4. Oooh, this one is much better than the one that I made! Thank you!
  5. You're welcome. ^^ Glad you like it.