Looking for someone to fill my needs...



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Let's see here, I had to link my old account to this new one and thanks to the lovely Diana, I was able to do so. It was DarkStarLove90, so hence the extra number at the end. I have some one on one's that I wouldnt mind trying out...if I can find someone that would like to play along with me. First things first, I need a male. I play females. I will play a male IF I like someone else's story and I have to be the male character. BUT I want to play the female in these pairings.

Fallen Angel X Human
Mermaid X Human
Hybrid X Hybrid (this is open to discussion I have no specific hybrid in mind)
Professor X College student
Hotel Front Desk Girl X Repeat Guest

I may have more but this is all I can really think of at the moment, SO if you are interested in anything or have an idea that you would like to pitch at me dealing with the pairings hit me up in a PM or through this thread either way works really. I have ideas for every pairing.​