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  1. I'll do just about any romance rp. Werewolf, vampire, medieval, etc. idc if its mxf, fxf, or mxm. I'll play either one. I'd like to have two main characters, (mine and urs) and maybe a few additional side chatacters to help with the storyline so i don't get confused(bc i do when there are a ton other characters XD)This is how I usually do my rp's:
    ((These are of two my OC's i have so far, Akira, and Daemon. I believe I have daemons picture in my photo album. Akira is my spirit wolf, pure white with green eyes.))
    Akira: *i walk over to u, my white fur seeming to almost glow. I stop in front of u, eye to eye with u i stare into your soul with my green eyes* ..hello
    Daemon: Akira, your gonna scare the guests! *smiles my sadistic grin towards u* *the wolf, Akira, snorts and walks over to me*
    Me: shut up both of u, ....we scare everyone XD

    I write the name of the person and then do everything their perspective (1st person) everything in the *'s are actions. We probably aren't going to use those characters but that was an example. Unless u want to use daemon. ..well I guess u can use akira if its a wolf rp. Lol :3
  2. Btw I am an experienced RPer, but I am new to online RP and this site. I may need help getting the rp started
  3. Ah. Hmm.....is in the process of fishing for an idea. Does you have any?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.