Looking for some SWRP (Star Wars RP)

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  1. Insert Flashy Stuff!

    Hello, I am Akaida, though feel free to give me your own nickname or such for me if you wish, it makes me feel special.

    And now that I am done with that quick intro, and if you haven't been able to tell already... I am looking for some Star Wars RP! Something I crave for day-in and day-out. It IS my favorite fandom, and one that I have been following ever since I actually had memories. So around thirteen years now, an unlucky number, heh.

    Now, let's get down to trying to convince you, or whoever else is reading this, to be interested in participating in a Star Wars Themed RP with me! I guess now I'll get to saying my abilities when it comes to the SW Universe. First off, I am familiar with all current and old eras to at least a surface degree. From the old Lore's time involving the Yhuuzong Vong (please excuse race spelling mistakes, as well) to the TOR/KOTOR Era. I especially enjoy TOR and Galactic Civil War Era, but my current great craving is mainly centered around GCE.

    Now that I've given some of my ability when it comes to the universe, I think I'll move onto the rules I have personally.

    1. Be prepared for side chat! I love to develop a friendship with whomever I have the honor to roleplay with!
    2. I prefer to keep everything third person, but if it's an absolute need I can do first, and I entirely avoid involving second person.
    3. A hint of romance is a must in RP for me, so I hope it wouldn't be too much of a hassle.
    4. Do not do one liners, but if there's a lot of dialogue occurring it is of course excusable, and in other situations it is as well.
    5. I think that my biggest role is work with me to help me make any plot, idea, or going on RP to be fun, if it begins losing interest for you, talk to me!

    Now to just hope that this purple text is a nice, dark color that doesn't burn your retinas. So please leave a post below if you are interested in some SWRP! I am very flexible with everything involving Star Wars, so I have hopes that I'll be able to please anyone who's interested.
  2. I'm intrestead I have like seven characters I havnt been a able to use.
  3. I would definitely be interested as well.
  4. I'm definitely interested in a Star Wars RP, only thing is, I'm only familiar with the 7 Canon movies, I hope that's okay!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.