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Yun Lee

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Hey there! I took a bit of a break from this place, but now I'm back and looking for some RPs!

Some things to know:

  • I can reply often, but there is a chance I may not reply every single day, as not only do I work, but I have to get ready for college as well.
  • I have some issues with length of replies. I won't keep an RP going if you reply with only short replies, I get bored. And if you reply with really long posts, great!-but I may not keep that RP going, as I get overwhelmed ^^;; Usually 3-5 detailed paragraphs is perfect for me, and if you post somewhere around that range, I'm more likely to reply.
  • That being said, grammar/spelling doesn't bother me. Just as long as I have something to work with, I'm good ^^
  • I DO NOT tell people when I get bored of RPs. I don't know,the idea of doing that makes me really uncomfortable. But I do mention if I'll be offline for a while. If I stop posting and don't for a few days, please just know I'm not really interested anymore, or I just can't figure out a reply! Either way, don't badger me to reply if you want any hope of me replying.
  • I can play both male and female, but I do like playing female characters in m/f stuff. That doesn't mean I can't play the guy, but I like being the girl. As for smut stuff, I'm over 18, and I'mway better as a submissive character, unless I'm playing a dominate female in an m/f, which i enjoy playing.
  • I love doubling up! I love including multiple couples and subplots in RPs. Especially in regards to fandom RPs.
  • I am really into comedic plots or angsty plots, either are really fun for me! So just let me know which you like more.
Okay, so on to stuff I wanna do! If it has a (!) next to it, I reeeaaally wanna do it!!


  • Fire Emblem (Awakening or Fates) (!) (!!!!! if I can play as Pieri)
  • Dangan Ronpa or Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (!)
  • Pokemon
  • Ace Attorney (!)
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Skullgirls
  • Hetalia (bit rusty, since I've not been in the fandom for a while ^^;;)
  • Vocaloid
  • Harvest Moon (!!! for one of the above fandoms in a HM AU)
  • Super Mario Bros
RANDOM IDEAS-Also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Fandom AUs, save for a few.
  • Ancient Warrior/Scientist
  • Dark Fairytale
  • Ninja/Ninja
  • Robot/Human (!)
  • Orc/Elf (!)
  • Senior Witch/Apprentice Witch
  • Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf (!)
  • Pirate/Privateer
  • Merry Men or Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham (!)
  • Mermaid/Lifeguard
  • Scientist/Creation (!)
  • Royalty/Knight
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I'm interested in the Robot/Human or the Senior witch/Apprentice witch if those aren't taken
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