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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm looking for a partner to work on some stories with. I've been craving a few different things lately so I'll just make my list and update it whenever I get the chance.

    I usually always play the female in a MxF pairing. However, I do double up so I can play a male for another pairing if you want.
    I don't have much on my list right now but I will be adding things as I think of them.
    I like to mix the romance and adventure into a story and we can also add in some 18+ stuff if wanted.
    The roles I would prefer will be in bold.
    Plots that I'm craving with have a * next to it.

    Fairy Tail
    LevyxGajeel (Taken)


    OCxHumanoid Smaug (AU)*

    Totally Random Ideas
    I have a totally random idea that is based off Counting Cars on History Channel. I love Counting Cars (I will admit that I have a small crush on Danny) and would love to do just a fun little story involving something similar. A tough looking guy who has a heart of gold meets a pretty lady through his work (either car shop or tattoo shop) and a romance develops. Definitely craving right now!!!!
    If nothing on this list interests you, don't let that stop you from sending me a message. I'm always open to ideas!
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  2. Would you be interested in doubling for either Fairy Tail or Marvel? Maybe both?

    I would like to try playing Gray and I'm comfortable playing any of the characters from Marvel, in exchange for you to play Leo from Fairy Tail and Bruce from Marvel.

  3. Hmmm... I would be happy to double with you.
    Let's start with one and then add the other one in later one.
    PM me and we can start a plan.
  4. Yay! My favorite Fairy Tale pairing! LevyxGajeel?
  5. Sure! Message me to work out details
  6. Still looking~
  7. I don't have much experience playing Thor. It has been awhile, so I'm rusty. However, I'm willing to try my best if you played Loki for me! (I love Thor/OC & Loki/OC, but I'm craving Loki more than Thor at the moment.)
  8. Sure. PM me and we can set something up!
  9. Still looking for partners!

    Definitely craving a Tolkien rp with my partner playing Kili please~~
  10. I'll happily do your RP idea which you wrote based on counting cars.
  11. Awesome! Sounds great. PM me and we can talk details.
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