Looking for some rp friends!

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  1. I'm itching for a good rp and I'm in the mood for anything. Any genre, private or not. I'm just not an instigator and it's hard for me to go out looking. If you have any ideas for rp and need someone to talk to, I'm wide open! Send a message my way and let's get started!
  2. Oh oh oh me! *waves hand wildly* I don't really have any ideas...but we could brainstorm! :D
  3. I'm down for some brainstorming. I'm more a fan of fantasy or sci-fi. Action and adventure. I'm just not too big a fan of being the one in charge. It's hard for me to drive a plot.
  4. Awesome, I love those genres too. And I'm fine with being the one in charge. So do you have any plot ideas?
  5. I don't know really. I'm not terribly great with the idea making. ^^;
  6. Uuum....I don't really have any ideas either.
  7. Well, if the two of you are interested, I've made a new roleplay in the Jump In RPs section, and it's open for anyone to join. It's called "The Path To Becoming Human"- A story about an android being sent to investigate a rash of slayings, but in the process, he gains self awareness.

    Here's the link-

  8. I would be happy to roleplay with you.