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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Amy Doran, Sep 25, 2014.

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  1. I'm generally new to this site and I'm learning and therefore I must start from the bottom. I prefer to start new and not jump into existing threads. So I am a very laid back kind of person, aka I don't care where it goes as long as it will go. So anyone interested in Role-Playing check out my Resume if you want and it doesn't matter what genre, what style, amount of people or anything. Just reply or PM me and we can work out where the Role-Play will happen, what thread or PM, and the general direction, plot, scenario, and general characters, we will go and further discussion from there.
  2. i would like to rp
  3. Great! Any specifics?
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  4. well i like all and i fave a few ideas and i was wounderig what ideas you had
  5. Okay. Off the top of my head I got High School scenario, a scenario from a game called RuneScape I use to play, Zombie type Role-Play, vampire or animal character, and drama life as options I can think of.

    Pardon my lack of options, thinking is hard when my head hurts. Going to a doctor tomorrow, so improvement should follow suite.
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  6. they all sound really fun
  7. Yeah, well I'll be going to bed. Sleep on it We'll discuss it tomorrow when I get home.
  8. sleep well
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  9. Ah, the answer is no. Insomnia, wonderful insomnia.
  10. Insomnia is a sleep disorder, not every night does it keep me awake but tonight and the other day my insomnia worsened itself so I cannot sleep. So I'll be up all night. If you want to do a onexone pm me.
  11. oh.. lol miss read that XD
  12. Its alright. It happens, I do that a lot when I'm sleepy.
  13. if you dont mind me asking what time is it there here its 1:50
  14. 1:59 because I was writing something to someone. Its pretty late here, but I can't sleep. So I'm awake! ^^
  15. yeah i do the same thing stay on here until 3 or 4 am then go to sleep and start all over again
  16. I'll be here probably until 5:30 then I may get on a little later or I'll do something else if I'm too tired. Right now I just want to Role-Play and keep myself occupied.
  17. well i have a cool new rp i been wanting to try out
  18. Lay it on me, if you don't want others to see them feel free to PM me.
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