Looking for some partners?

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  1. Hi, I'm just looking for some partners to role play with. I'm fine with doing almost everything, but horror, mystery, fantasy, etc are themes that'd be kinda cool. We could work a plot out. If you want romance, I'm best with FxF or MxM but if you don't want to do that, we can always just do FxM. Anyways, just let me know you're interested. <3
  2. I'm interested. I'm fairly open to genre of roleplay, just nothing historically accurate- although mod. is fine.

    If you want to do sort of a Post-Apocolyptic Romance or something, I'd like that, throw out any suggestions, if mine is terrible, haha!
  3. hey I'm interested and I've got a couple of plots both group and one-to-one that are open. PM me if you are keen?
  4. A post apocalyptic romance sounds AWESOME.
  5. Hey insomniac, I would do like a horror/romance one with you. I have like this strange idea, have you ever read the book Breathe? it is kinda like that where this ghost wants to suck out the souls of the dead until they are nothing. So she goes around sucking the souls out until she meets this guy. this guy makes her feel something she has never felt before, Love. she is unsure what to do so she just tries to kill him but then he tells her that he loves her and she stops. I know it sounds really stupid, but if your willing that would be great...you can make adjustments or let me know of another idea if you would rather.
  6. I'm up for romance :D I haven't done a FxF in a very long time, if you're up for it. :)
  7. r u talking to me?
  8. Any one of you, really. I don't care XD
  9. lol, uh idk i have never done that before so....
  10. Doesn't have to be FxF, it can be MxF or MxM. I'm open-minded and willing to try any role
  11. ok yeah....i am willing to do a MxF, want to start a planning thread?
  12. Sure, want me to set it up?