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  1. Hey you lot! Looking for some 1x1 partners who would be willing to do some rp whether it be over PM or on the board. If you need to know a little about me I usually play female roles but I can try to play male too, it's just what I'm comfortable with. I love for the rp to have a good focus on the main goal/task but straying from it to have a break is always cool. I have found that I get a little impatient but I will try to control it! Just please don't feel offended, I'm trying to get better. Lastly I would have to say don't be afraid to call me out on being bad or doing something that wouldn't be right for the character or story, I like to consider myself a good rper but I can always get better! Just don't be too harsh eh ;)

    The roles in bold are the ones I would rather play. I don't mind FxF or MxF so don't be afraid to ask ^^ The worst I can say is "No sorry, good luck have fun"

    Witch/Wizard x traveling partner (fantasy)
    Hunter x Knight (fantasy)

    In a world where every person has a persona, a living creature that represents them as a human being, the world goes to hell when a dark cult decides it's time to expand, taking over cities in mere days. Two from the same village team up, maybe not to take down the cult. But to survive it's influence.

    This seems to be all I have for now ^^ I shall be updating as ideas come to me, but of course I'm open to any suggestions that you may have! If you're interested, flick me a pm!

    and most importantly, have fun!
  2. Oh my god i'd love to do the Witch X Travelling partner :D Perhaps you would be a well known Witch in the Area, either infamous or famous, and i'd be a normal person like an apothecary or blacksmiths apprentice when the Cult attacks?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.