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  1. About Me and the partner I'm looking for

    So I am bored and need ways to get away from my stressful life. I am always searching for more partners. I have a very open mind and will role play just about anything. I don't mind sexual parts, but I am not the greatest at them and need the other person to take control. I am usually not very dominant, but of course I am willing. As well as role playing the females. I am very willing to role play males, but being a female I am a lot better at females. But I would love to do both. And would love to have my partner to role play both. I can type about 1-4 paragraphs. I can do more, but I do struggle. I would love to get better with my writing. So if your willing to be patient with me then I will gladly try and do more. The challenge is always fun and keeps me busy.


    Father Osis
    I came up with this plot a while ago just haven't found anyone to do it with me. Basically a man takes in a small group of children. These children all have what he calls gifts. For example one could control water. Another could read minds. All the children had come from different places. And some were born that way or had been changed by scientists. Now he acts like a good person. But deep down he has his secrets. He has his children go on missions and do his dirty work for him. He explains to them that it is for good. But what they don't know is that he is up to no good.

    Building of survival
    The world has been polluted to beyond repair. The air is toxic and can no longer be lived in. At least that's what they believe. It has been over a hundred years now. But people are still living. The government build a huge building. And all live in it. Homes are set like apartments. The government became very controlling. There is no crime. according to the government of course. If one is caught breaking the very strict rules then one disappears and is never seen again.

    I got the idea from the giver. Although emotions are not taken away from the people. But love is a little different. Just like the book, specific woman are to have the children but they are to be picked up in an adoption. But people find their own significant other. I am still working through the different rules. They can either be developed through the story or before. I am willing to do whatever you are interested in. I have a very open mind.

    A few other plots I would like to do is about a pair or a group of demon hunters. I would do either past present or future. Or any other sort of fantasy one. If I think of any other plots then i will add more. And I am always willing to do one plot with more then one person. So if you have any other ideas message me or post bellow.
  2. I like the Father Osis one, PM me if you want to do it with me
  3. I'd love to hear some more details on the Father Osis one, if you're still looking ;3 I'll be online for a while if you want to PM me ;3
  4. The Building of Survival plot seems interesting. PM me if you'd like to discuss it.
Thread Status:
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