Looking for some MxM

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  1. Hello I hope you are all doing well I have a couple plots for M x M rps

    * I prefer to play submissive roles for the most part, yet I can play a dominant if you ask.

    *Mpreg is optional with some plots.

    *My post vary from a few lines to paragraphs. It simply depends on my partner
    *I'll put a × by the role I would prefer to play but depending on the role I'm more then willing to swap with you.

    Best friends brother
    Creator /Voodoo doll×
    Vampire /human×(taken)
    Daddy dom/little boy×(Taken)
    Gang leader/normal male×
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  2. interested in the daddy dom/little boy pm please :3
  3. I would be interested in Teacher/Student or the best friends brother one, if you're looking still.
  4. would like to try Master/Neko if it's not taken.