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  1. I have several tasteful ideas, my pairings are older brother x younger sister, cousin x cousin

    Idea one family goes on a trip and by sheer stupidity the parents cram the vehicle with so much stuff that the sister has to sit on her brothers lap. The trip would begin just after nightfall and would last until the morning, and the siblings would be in the very back of the van or SUV with a row of seats in between them and their parents sitting upfront.

    I'd prefer the siblings to be young, it makes sense that they'd want to explore, so have ages of the sister be from 13 to 17 and the brother be 15 to 19. I'd like to play the brother.

    Second idea is a freshman cheerleader and her senior brother. The cheerleader is a sex addicted girl who is very beautiful and naughty, pleasing several boys at once. The sister decides at some point her next target is her brother. Who she comes obsessed with after seeing his package. But he resists making her want him even more.

    Third idea is for either pairings, where the girl lost her virginity to her brother a couple of years ago after he mistook her for one of her friends during a sleepover. For what ever read on the girl went into the room he was sleeping in and went down on her thinking she wanted it. She remained quiet as they did it then left and to this day he doesn't know who it was. She is going to finally let him know.

    Fourth idea is where an only child discovers he had an older sister except she is dead and haunting him, with unknown intentions and motives. Her dead should have been brutal and terrible, and his parents were in on it, make her vengeful.

    I'm open to ideas any suggestions are welcomed, I am open to almost all kinks and fetishes. So let me know if we should add some flavor.
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  2. Another idea I have is where the siblings switch places. Body switch the older brother, switches with his younger sister. Pm me if your interested
  3. love these plots but I only play males
  4. Well you would only temporary be a female as you would assume the older brother's body and my character would be put into your character body. If we did the bottom idea
  5. Some of these do sound interesting, and I do play female a lot. I would be willing to talk about which one and whatnot!
  6. Hey Id be more than willing to play a babygirl/little/younger sister?? This could get interesting :)
  7. Could do the first one as the sister.
  8. interested
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