GROUP RP PLOTTING Looking for some ideas!

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So I'm brand new here, and I'm ready to hop on the rping train. I've been on a lot of other sites, but fortunately do to a long winded speech that I'm going to spare all of you - they just didn't work out.

Now that I'm here, I'm hoping this will be the place to stay and that I can rely on.

Admittedly, I have no ideas for an rp right now. I know I generally interested in doing romance-fantasy based, the side catch is that I only play girls and don't particularly care for girl on girl romances. Nothing wrong with them, just not my preference. :) I also tend to rp with a small group - but this can always change if the plot is big enough!

So yeah! If you are interested, please drop a little note and we can figure something out! :)

Romance you say! You might want to try Mango Dreams! Which is going to be filled with comedy, romance and manga shoujo spoofing. XD

I wish I could grab you for Katrinka's but the roleplay is almost at the finale, and I don't know how long it's gonna take before the Season 2 starts! >< But if we can keep you entertaining long enough for it to start, I'll be glad to kidnap you. >:D

And being old enough, if you like your romantic plotlines to come with a side of naughty you can also join Smutclub. Which I promise isn't as bad as it sounds. XD Most of the roleplays are fabulous reads and you can hunt down other romance partners.

Besides romance, any other genre interests? What sort of fantasy do you like?
I'm pretty much open to any kind of fantasy. Though for some reason most my rps end up being vampire based. Which is no problem for me. I'm a HUGE buffy fan! hahha
Ah, then you might like Elswen! XD It allows for all type of magicy and supernatural things, and it's taking charries now!
If you're interested, Musica, WyvernHeart is still open! It has potential for romance, and, if you like I can stick the link here, for you.
You could play a vampire for Manga Drama. [Er, Mango. Silly Rory.] The manga that the author writes is supernatural, so I'm sure there could be a vampire character in there. I imagine it would be fun if a vampire she drew for her story came to life on her college campus. XD

Just letting you know. We neeeeeeeeeed players for this dorky roleplay and Rory put it up specifically to attract newbies.
I was looking into all the above mentioned rps, and unfortunately I think there's just to many people involved for my taste. But I appreciate the suggestions!! :)
If you want a chance to get used to some of the writing styles on this forum, I'd be willing to help you want in some sort of one-one RP. Since the gals have already mentioned my RP, there's always that option.
I'm up for doing some kind of one x one. What are your genre interests?
I'm a jack of all trades to be fair, so I'm open to most generas. If you don't have ideas for RPs I'd recommend taking a gander at the Plot Challenges located on the Iwaku Blog and taking a look at what might be of interest for you.
I dunno honestly. I looked at the plot challenge and nothing really really stood out. I suppose if I was to choose...I liked the first one the best about laughter, love, and a hint of darkness.

I'm really interested in doing a fantasy/romance. Those are my absolute favorite and I can rp them all day! I don't know if that's what interests you are not, but if we were to do something along those lines then I really rather it not be all "oh my goddddd i'm sooooooo in loveee".. I like relationships that take a crap load of work. That don't always start off well, and even maybe become a bit unhealthy. To give an example, I don't know if you've read the fever book series or not, but there's a couple in there that are my absolute favorite!!

It's about this guy who's mysterious and brooding, and just epic. And he is training this girl because he wants to use her for the powers she has to help him find something. As it goes on, they are basically just really freaking mean to each other. The only time he calls her by her first name is if she's like dying. haha. And she can dish it right back. They literally just want to sleep with each other every five seconds, and always tease the other. But they are to stubborn to make the first move. I mean in the end, they become more intimate and more heart on their sleeve like - but that was only have 3 and half books. Haha

Now I'm not saying that's the kind of relationship I'm looking to use in an rp, but I'm hoping it just gives a better understanding of what I mean by like "dark". As far as a plot goes generally it's something that forces them to work together - whether they like it or not.

Sorry if I rambled haha. If you don't like the genre to begin with I'm open for other suggestions and such. :) None of this is set in stone, I'm just throwing out my opinion.
So playing a jerk...I'm good at that. :D

Sounds like something I can handle without a problem. Now what sort of fantasy do you like?

I tend to focus on magical realism myself. It's a specialized form of fantasy that has a strong narrative drive, in which the recognizably realistic merges with the unexpected and the inexplicable and in which elements of dreams, fairy story, or mythology combine with the everyday; something like saying what is 'real' by incorporating all dimensions of the imagination.