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wolfs rain

I would go evil for cinder fall
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So Hi my name's is wolfs rain but most of you can call me wolfy. So lets get to the point. I've been having this itch for 2 fandoms in particular but have yet to find someone to roleplay them with me. These two fandoms are

Tokyo mew mew (fxf)

Now that we know what the anime are I have a few basic rules
1. I can play both genders equally but I prefer to play females
2. I do like romance and have no problem with libertine but that's if your 18+ (sorry kiddies)
3. I tend to post 1-2 paragraphs. I know we all get writers block but I would still like a paragraph to read and respond to.
4. If life gets busy and you can't reply, let me know. I really don't want to be waiting for a reply
5 and finally talk to me as a person. I'm very easy going and I always enjoy making new friends


Hello, I'm very interested in a RWBY roleplay. Would it be okay to try some FxF with it?
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