Looking for some Fandom Rps

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  1. Hey there!
    Names Clem, been RPing for quite some time now.
    I am currently doing quite a few RPs but would like to expand. I have a few ideas in mind but am open to other ideas.
    I play female so I am willing to do FxM or FxF

    Disney Crossover

    Hunter x Supernatural
    Vampire x Slave (This would be a Dom, Submissive one, I would play the Sub)
    Recently Widowed x New love

    Again, open for other ideas, these are just some.
    Pm me or comment on here!
  2. Edit: I am looking for a person to do substantial posts with. I am not talking about six thousand pages but I would like more than a short paragraph. I like substance in my posts.

  3. @Clementine_x *belly slides into forum* Howdy there! Surprised this hasn't gotten any hits yet. I'm interested in Vampire x Slave.
  4. Bumpin this up!

    Still looking for quality posting RP's. Looking for substance. Pretty much open to anything except horror. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance. Let me know!

    I prefer to play female in case that hinders anyone in anyway. And if you have an idea let me know, I might love it!