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  1. Hello! I'm looking for a couple of RP partners. I'm big on Medieval Fantasy and Scifi Space RPs. Um... I dont do MxM so please keep it to MxF and MAYBE FxF if i feel up to it >.>
    um I'm more passive i guess when it comes to the ideas in the RP. I'm fine with furries... in anything Fantasy my characters are usually never "human" SO I love to go crazy with character customization...
    I'll constantly reply if im not sleeping or busy! :D
    Im a sucker for romance and action... fading to black is very boring imo.
    PLEASE only use chat speak in OOC.
    ANYWHO i am outa ideas on what else to put...

    Edit: if you wanna rp over skype or AIM just ask... i find that easier anyway. Ya know with the whole it makes a noise when ya get a post thing but either way inbox me if your interested
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  2. I'm a sucker for romance and fantasy! :3 Do you do medieval? I can do SciFi too. ^^
  3. Yesh i do! :D
  4. Great, I've been wanting to do a medieval romance with fantasy! o3o
  5. Sorry i wasn't on... this weekends kinda busy
  6. is this still on? i would not mind doing an rp with you
  7. It's fine. ^^ Do you have any plots for the fantasy/romance/medieval RP? :3
  8. hm... ill see if i can think of something... im sick soooooo its pretty much sleep at the moment XD
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  9. yeah. Just been sick this weekend so sorry for not replying sooner...
  10. its ok ^^
  11. got anything in mind?
  12. its all up to you but i dont mind sifi
  13. hm... we can do scifi if ya wanna :D
  14. yeah XD lets
  15. I'd love to! I don't care about plot or anything as long as its MxF! Just let me know
  16. If you're still open for new rp's, I'd like to discuss a few plots with you :)
  17. Omg I'm so sorry for being gone so long... i was sick for ever x.x
  18. so by you dont care about plot do you mean create as you go or just smut... not exactly after 100% smut
  19. At the moment I'm still looking.
  20. Oh, definitely not 100% smut...hell no...I can't do that...it drives me wild and I end up dropping the roleplay before long...I meant I don't care which one we choose to do. It's all good.
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