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  1. :EDIT: Filled! 8D

    If anyone's interested in anything, you can just post here. Here's some stuff I like, or you can also check out my RP resume here on Iwaku. (Really, the resume is a life-saver for me.) My blog has character sheets, but it's very sorely out of date, and needs to be redone, honestly.

    I can be kind of picky, so don't be offended if I turn you down. As you can see in the link below, I can take RP very VERY seriously if my partner is willing to. I'll copy and paste our stuff in a Word doc if I have to, to keep things awesome-looking rather than in posts all the time.

    THIS is an RP guys. This is between my bf and I. And it's long and AWESOME, and it's been through 2 drafts to read like a novel, but it's dialogy, so you can see for yourself that it's an RP in disguise.
    If you're into this sort of awesome epic-story telling, let me know. I'm all over it.

    Some things about me to see if we're compatible:

    • I don't do fan-stuff. Sorry, I can't get into it. I'm a writer naturally, and I like original things. OC's everywhere!
    • Things I love doing are adventure, fantasy and light romance, but nothing too sappy. I just can't get into it.
    • Things I can't do are horror, modern, apocalypse and sci-fi. I can't write horror for donkey, and I'm just not into sci-fi or apocalypse stuff, and modern is boring.
    • I love magic. I'm into D&D, so...
    • Things I'm willing to try are steam-punk, and heart-wrenching storylines.
    • I write in an average of two paragraphs, but if it calls for dialogue, I'm fine with short bits here and there. I also like to write big parts if it's necessary, but I don't like to overwhelm a partner, so let me know what your comfort zone is. I don't like to force things and make it sound unnatural.
    • I love demon and angel pairings.
    • I love all kinds of ages in a story. It really adds a bit of depth to things. If your character is a little younger or whatever, I'll likely not care. We'll figure out a way to make them fit, especially if it's fantasy or adventure.
    • I like images of your characters, but you don't have to have one. Whether that be in a special post style or whatever, that's fine with me. I'll be sure to post mine as well in the thread.
    • Folks who write in awesome descriptory language - we'll be best friends. I guarantee it.

    Things I'm guilty of doing, and I'm sorry...

    • Sometimes I vanish for periods of time... I'm really really really trying to fix this.
    • I lose interest if posts are one to two liners... I really like paragraphs. To help solve my above issue, I'm looking for someone who likes to write.

    Things that peeve me:

    • Brick walls of text with no enters will make me stop responding... Enter after paragraphs please, it really hurts my eyes and is overwhelming.
    • If a character is interested in one of mine, let me know. I don't like to second-guess myself whether it's alright and the wording is beating around the bush. Feels like actual dating, yo!
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  2. I really enjoyed reading through your story RP (haven't finished it yet-- classes and work), and if you're interested in setting something up, I would be happy to hash out plot ideas with you!

    I tend to write at least two paragraphs per post, and I like detailed storytelling, as well as character development. I prefer plot and character exploration to anything else, though I do enjoy the odd romance or two (intimacy is acceptable, but I am a proponent of the "fade to black" approach). I love fantasy settings, or modern settings with supernatural twists.

    If this interests you, please don't hesitate to PM me!
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