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  1. Hey y'all. I'll add more detail to this later when I can. Anyway quick synopsis.

    I like realistic modern-semi futuristic rps. Post apocalypse is cool(EMP, Fallout kinda?(never played only read premises...)), alternate history is cool, also orphanage/broken family, runaways(could also be built into post Apocolyptic and/or alternate history)..

    That's what I got for now. I don't really have plot ideas at the moment though I am willing to brainstorm.


    1) Be dedicated. Post once a day-once a week. I will too. If I forget please message me and I will post. Sometimes stuff slips my mind or I get busy. I'm generally on at least once a day though...

    2) Add to the plot. If I'm the sole one holding up a story I struggle. Please add if you get writers block just say. If you do t add however I will ask you too.

    3) Be realistic. Understand the plot we come up with and the setting and create characters and post likewise. It kinda bugs me when people don't try to have their characters match the rp.
    If you don't think my character matches tell me and I'll do the same for you.

    4) If you're having trouble tell me. If you need to pause or leave the rp just tell me. I'm chill and I understand stuff.

    5) Last rule I swear. Don't disappear. If you're struggling with ideas just tell me don't just quit. If you need to take a break I understand.
    I am currently attempting to study and have some family stuff going on so I may disappear however I will attempt to warn you and expect you do the same.

    Ok anyway please PM me if you wanna rp with me. :-D
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