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  1. Greetings people on the site who stumbled upon my little thread that I created. I have a few fandoms and other things summed up in the spoilers below. Though make sure to also check the resume which you can find underneath my profile picture. Be also sure to check the legend that I made up so you know what the symbols are standing for~

    - :cherry:= the more there are, the more I like it
    - I don’t double RP’s, so first come first serve
    - I want at least 5 lines of text, I’m going to flip if I see one-liners
    - I prefer playing the female in MxF RP's

    Attack On Titan:cherry::cherry:
    Tokyo Ghoul:cherry::cherry::cherry:
    Inu x Boku SS:cherry:
    Black Butler:cherry::cherry:

    Star Wars:cherry::cherry:
    Harry Potter

    Assassin’s Creed

    Angel of Death:cherry::cherry:
    MC is the angel of death, having the obligation to gather the souls from the people who had passed away and showing them the way back home. Everything went fine, but of course there were always people who were in denial but it mostly ended well. The passaging was the only way for the souls to get to the other side. But one time the ritual did not go as he thought he would. One of the people he was supposed to take with him, managed to touch a snare in his heart which had become as cold as ice. YC pushed his enemy out of the way and got hit by the car instead. It was supposed to be fatal by the landing, but the deed that this person did was not something others would do so easily. So instead of reaping his soul, he decided to let him live but that also meant that YC would be able to see angels and demons wandering around the earth from now on. And so MC was forced to watch over YC from a distance, but the question is that would he keep his distance or would they grow closer to each other?

    The Doll Maker:cherry:
    YC is a well-known toy maker, or rather, a doll maker to be more specific. They spend their days making breath-taking porcelain dolls that are incredibly lifelike. Frighteningly so. These creations are almost too real and make most customers second guess whether they should actually be purchased. YC would prefer not to sell any of their precious creations, but they must only to ensure that they’ll be able to continue with their art; after all, doll-making is a pain-staking and costly love. One day, YC receives a commission from a mysterious customer who promises to pay YC handsomely upon the condition that they use parts supplied by their own company. YC fancies themselves as a purist and is reluctant at first, but they can’t deny that the money they are offered would allow them to comfortably continue making dolls well into their twilight years.
    So, YC accepts the commission and begins to craft a new doll with these imported parts. As they begin to craft, it quickly becomes apparent that this doll is different. From every fine hair on their pretty, little head, to their expressive eyes framed with full, long lashes, down to their cute feet; this doll is perfect. By the time this doll is completed, YC isn’t sure that they can sell it; they’ve become attached to their most perfect creation. Despite YC’s pleas to the wealthy customer, the buyer insists that they pack up the doll for shipping immediately and with a heavy heart YC complies. However, in the morning, YC discovers that the doll, MC, is sitting atop the box rather than inside where they’ve put them the night before. MC is curious to know why they were in a box so they simply ask a startled YC. YC is both frightened and amazed to discover that MC has come to life overnight.

    Boarding a Vampire School:cherry::cherry:
    YC is one of the first of a small group of humans to transfer in to a formerly all-vampire boarding school. YC and their human counterparts are selected to attend this school not only for their impressive GPAs but also because of their rare blood types. Tuition for the human students will be paid by means of bi-weekly blood draws administered by the school nurse; this blood will be rationed and used as nutrition for the predominantly-vampire student body. For the safety of the humans, vampire students are by no means allowed to drink directly from their classmates.. or at least they’re not supposed to.

    The Mix-Up:cherry:
    A mix-up in paperwork gets YC/MC sent to a same sex boarding school for the opposite sex (e.g. a girl is sent to an all-boys school). YC/MC pretends to be a member of the opposite sex in order to stay at the school, hoping they don’t get discovered.
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  2. Still looking~
  3. I would love to do the Boarding a Vampire School plot I haven't had a supernatural roleplay in a while,
    But I have a question would MC have to be female or male? And would your character be a human too?

    Just get back to me whenever you can ^-^
  4. I'd love to do the Mix Up roleplay if your still interested.
  5. YC can be male or female, it doesn't matter to me. :)
    And for the human part, it's better if we do the opposites, like one is a vampire and one is a human. It makes it more interesting. ^^
  6. Ohh! I love the Angel of Death idea! I'm willing to play both female or male (since the Angel seemed to be your charrie and he was a male?)
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