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  1. Hi there !
    As you can see I'm looking for some people who I can role-play with. I'm not too demanding and I'm up for almost everything that comes to mind. I'm most used with role-playing MxM but I can try others out too. (The ones that are highlighted are the ones I'm a bit more interested in.)

    - Please post a minimum of 4 lines of text.
    - I'm okay with most of the genres.
    - I do mostly 1x1 role-plays but I sometimes do group role-plays too.
    - If it comes to sexual scenes, I prefer to do that with people who are minimum 18 years old.
    - If you don’t want to go further anymore, please say so, it is less annoying than having to wait for days before realizing that you don’t have any interest anymore.

    - Beelzebub
    - Blood Lad
    - Brothers Conflict
    - D. Gray Man
    - Fairy Tail
    - K
    - Karneval
    - Kuroko No Basuke
    - Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan)
    - Tokyo Ghoul
    - Uta No Prince Sama
    - ...

    - B.A.P.
    - Big Bang
    - BTS
    - GOT7
    - Nu'est
    - VIXX
    - 2NE1
    - f(x)
    - ...

    - Supernatural
    - The Avengers
    - ...

    - student x teacher
    - paramedic x ghost
    - demon x contractor
    - god x human/god
    - police investigator x criminal
    - mangaka x editor
    - café owner x student/young employee

    - ...
  2. I'm looking for a partner but the ideas I have aren't on your list are you willing to do something you didn't list?
  3. Sure, I don't mind doing something else.
    What do you have in mind? (You can also pm me.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.