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  1. Hi guys :3

    I'm looking for someone to do a certain roleplay that I've came up with a beginning plot for.

    •Must be able to play male.
    •Would like writers with experience with historic writing. (Fancy dialogue and such)
    •Writing amount any but no one liners.

    The plot is DemonxAngel (Yours being demon).

    The setting is victorian, and the demon finds an angel beaten and bloody in the streets. Once he brings her to his home, he discovers she has no memories of herself being an angel. She remembers nothing.

    Need someone to help work out from there.

    Thanks! ^.^ PM me if interested or comment!
  2. Did you order an RPer?

    Anywhores! Hello I'm Ren! =^.^=
    I play mainly guys unless I feel like playing a girl which is rare. I am a girl so why would I want to play one. Unless its a FxF idea then here comes the girl mode power activation.

    Anyways. Besides that I don't know if you are into my fancy dialect... :/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.