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  1. Hello! I'm very new to this so excuse me if I'm making any mistakes please..
    Anyway, I'm looking for someone who will roleplay with me (through e-mail preferably). I am mainly interested in a Female x Female romance roleplay. I have a few ideas, all of which are posted on my roleplay resume. I am not opposed to Male x Female, so long as I can play the girl, and I am not opposed to Male x Male either, but I would prefer for us to have multiple characters, for example a MxM and a FxF at the same time, if that's alright with you. I hope that this is sufficient information, but if not please tell or ask me something! Thank you
  2. I would be interested in doing a fxf role-play! is email the only way you would be interested in doing it?
  3. No, I am willing to do it here, but e-mail would definitely be preferred. To be honest, I'm still learning how this website works. But if you'd prefer to roleplay through here, I can do so
  4. They also having a messenging platform you can use. It is your inbox in between your username at the top, and your alerts.
  5. Still searching if anyone's interested ^^
  6. im quite interested in the anna x elsa rp
  7. I'm very much so interested in the sisters and star wars.. Willing to do it through email or posting in the forums always flexible on that. FxF or MxF is also alright with me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.