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  1. ~Introduction~
    Hello, my name is William. I'm somewhat new to the community and am looking for some partners to roleplay with :D. Regardless of my relative 'newness' to the community, I'm not new to roleplaying in general. I'm an experienced roleplayer and have been roleplaying for around 3-4 years. Now onto the details.

    Genres I'm Into
    -Yuri(Haven't done it before, but wanting to try.)

    Genres I Don't Normally Like
    -Horror(Depends normally)
    -Overly Gorified(Gore is okay, just nothing overly-descriptive and disgusting.)

    RPs I'm interested in
    -The Divergent Trilogy(Really wanting to do this.)
    -The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Series
    -Doctor Who
    -There's a Sci-Fi plot I have planned out, you can PM me for more information on that.
    -Just about any Pairing you can give me. I'm wanting to try new things.

    -Have an established character. This doesn't mean pre-made, just have a good idea of your character going into the roleplay. This keeps from conflicting personalities and internal motives.

    -I hate waiting. I understand that you have lives, but please don't have me waiting multiple days for a single response unless you notify me ahead of time, this helps keep me from feeling like I'm ignored. K thanks ^-^.

    -A decent post length is appreciated. I hate one-liners and will not tolerate them. If you're lacking inspiration and feel the need to take a break, please notify me rather than forcing yourself to do something you don't like. I will usually stop the roleplay immediately if there's a one-liner without a valid reason. It shows lack of effort and I can't tolerate that.

    -Details are great but you don't have to be overly-descriptive. I don't need a three page description of telling me how dark a room is. I get it, it's dark. This being said, I don't like bland details either. Long story short: details in moderation please.

    With that said and done, I'm currently open to roleplay with anyone. PM me should you wish to discuss the details of our roleplay. I'm open to just about any idea so don't feel afraid to shoot me a message. That is all~
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  2. Hey maybe we can mix up Futuristic and Romance? c:
  3. Sure, sounds great. PM me and we can talk further about this :D
  4. Super natural romance perhaps?
  5. Fine by me, hit me up with a PM :D.
  6. Looking for a fantasy romance rp partner
  7. Hit me up with a PM and we can discuss something!
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