Looking for Roleplaying partners (1x1)-(MxF)

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    • If you've any ideas on what genre and/or setting we should play-by all means-tell me.
    • I play male roles mainly, female characters are a weakness of mine, please bear with me on it.
    • Mythical/Folklore, Fantasy, Victorian/Medieval, Survival/Horror and the like are my strong areas.
    • I prefer to Roleplay in PMs, keeping track of handfuls of threads is a bit difficult for me, since I'm still getting used to this site.
    • I post a minimum length of one paragraph per post, I would like if you could do the same c:
    • Punctuation is no big deal to me as long as you try; punctuation minus the basics are subjective, anyway.
    • I'm an adult, I need an understanding player with a flexible schedule who can deal with the fact I'm not online all day. I can promise at least a post once a day.

    **I don't do high school/academy love type plots.
    **If you wish to trade basic/detailed CS's with me, either send through PM or make a blog post and link me on my profile page.
  1. I'm interested in being your partner. (:
  2. I'd be interested in the Mythical, Fantasy and/or Medieval~
  3. Mythical in victorian era could be quite fun actually...
    I might have an idea.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.