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  1. New to this place and would really like to find some one to bounce ideas and write with. So please feel free to share what you like writing or any ideas you have so that we can figure out where to start.

    What am I craving?
    For some reason animals, wolves, deer what have you. Would like to create some plot to this and they can be transforming characters if you prefer.

    Fairy tales. I'm down for any, seems like so many movies are coming out now to really make fairy tales,bad ass. So lets do something with a twist? Tell me your favorite fairy tale.

    I love Princess Peach and am open to playing with Ocs or the Nintendo kingdom. I'll pair with anyone. Have plot ideas for this, so if your interested let me know C:

    Pokemon. Pretty simple, whether its trainers or rping pokemon, gijinkas what have you I'm down.

    Anyway those are just few, if you have your own craving please list them I aim to please and have fun!
  2. Well :3 Welcome? first off haha. I have about five rp's at the moment and I'm still wanting more!! SOOO anything and everything I'm open to. When you said animals that changed as in shape shifting? I don't really care what really I like trying new things. I have all sorts of characters but usually I just make them up as the rp is created. I currently am playing a human, vampire, elf, human with powers and weird alien killer chick lol SO a shape shifter would be new although again, If you have any preferences you can write on my visitor message thingy on my page :3 let me know if you're still interested =]
  3. Hey there i'm new too and i'm looking to maybe do a modern romace with beauty and the beast.