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  1. Hello there! Hopefully you'll stick around this thread and maybe find a plot that you would be interested in ^^. I won't try to bore you, so I'll try to do this as quick and painless as possible.

    A Bit About Me:

    -My life is my computer, so yes, I should be on here quite often. I might be slow on replying, as I do update stories that I write regularly, but usually it's no longer than an hour after I see it.
    -I want only MxM or FxF roleplays. I've tried straight, I've really have, but they just bore me like no other.
    -I adapt my posts to match yours. You want elevated language and long paragraphs? I most certainly will try to keep your expectations up. Want one detailed paragraph? Got it. It's no problem to me.
    -I love romance, so hopefully if you have an idea, romance will be involved in it. Otherwise, it will have to be an amazing plot that would never need it.


    What I Want From You(It's not much, I promise):

    -If you could discuss plots with me to develop them and make them more exciting, that would be great.
    -If you don't want smut, you don't have to force yourself. Whatever you like, you just tell me and we go for it.
    -Has more interest in plots rather than just smut or humor or anything else. It's fine to incorporate that in, but I like the plot to continue while we do it.
    -Try to post at least once a day. I understand you have a life, but it's nice to have something to work on throughout the day.



    Almost Gone: MxM or FxF
    Character A had finally decided to kill his/herself, to rid themselves of this wretched world and the pain that he had been thrown into. Killing himself would be easy, especially since he told his parents he was 'staying the night at a friend's house'. Yet, he couldn't even get far before a young blind man/woman stopped him, asking for some help. It should have been a simple task really, but that little distraction might have been all that was needed to save his/her life, and that kind person might just be the key to him defeating his demons.

    War of the Sea: MxM or FxF
    The humans had finally done it. They have finally created the cure for every disease possible, and has saved the human race from dying from illness. They cheer as the cure is released over the air in the form of gas, saving even the humans on the brink of death and bringing them back to their full health.
    That was twenty years ago.
    They hadn't stopped to consider the creatures that weren't human. Sure, the animals were alright, and the plants continued to thrive, but in the sea, below the humans realm of knowledge, the merfolk grew wild with rage as the cure-all spread through bodies, destroying them from inside out. Merfolk are just mutated humans, you see, and the cure-all was made to get rid of what exactly had happened. War broke out among the clans as they fought for the only safe haven left, the one place where the gas couldn't reach: the underwater labrynth that rested deep under the Bermuda Triangle.
    It is there that our characters meet. A and B are both warriors, born and raised to kill, yet when they become trapped by a sudden volcanic vent causing parts of the island to break off, they are forced to work together to escape their wretched hell. Even if they ever did get out, though, they might not believe what they find when they return.

    Pirates: MxM
    In the realm of monarchy, a certain murderous thief is on the run from the law, and what better way to escape than stowing away on a ship of pirates? Yet, they might have bit off more than they could choose when the leader of the crew might be more dangerous and sadistic than they ever could be.

    Princely Secrets: MxM, FxF
    A is a prince/princess who is of the age to be married. Suitors from all over the land come to seduce him/her, including one child from a small and fairly unknown king. Soon, it becomes clear that this is the one that A will choose to be their king/queen, but what happens when they find out that B is the same gender as them?

    Knightly Hatred: MxM
    Two knights, most skilled of the land and under the rule of a kindly king. One is a templar, skilled in the deflection of magic. The other, a sorcerer, taken in for his skills with healing and disease. Both with a hatred for each other that is rivaled by none other. But when they are forced to go on their adventure together to save their king from a dreaded curse, will that hatred last?

    Test Tube: MxM, FxF
    A is the son of the governor in the newly-formed human community of the planet GP-63. A's job; to act as a representative for his father, surveying to the planet of MR-13, a research planet dedicated to curing human diseases. What he finds in a secret room is a horrible display of human experimentation, most dead or dying except for one being locked in a cryotube. Forcing the scientist to take B out of the tube, A brings the human back to his home planet, but B may not be all that A assumes him to be. Maybe, just maybe, he has a dark secret that is just ready to burst out.


    If you have any plots that you would like to try, and you'd think I like them, just ask. I certainly like to try new things!
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  2. Hi, I'm looking for a MxM rp partner. Your plots sound interesting. While they aren't really what I'm looking for at the moment, I'd love to brainstorm and make a new idea! PM me if you are interested.
  3. Added another plot.
  4. Can I PM you?
  5. Of course!
  6. That pirate plot though. hnnnnng
  7. I'm interested. I do have a plot in mind that I have been wanting to do. It's more of a serious one, and there is romance. I think you might enjoy it. I can send you a pm of the plot?
  8. Of course.
  9. Oh, I've been looking for someone to rp a blind person with, so if you're still looking for someone for that plot... *waves frantically* I'm up for mxm of fxf!
  10. Updated plots
  11. Had me right up until you said you don't do straight. *Is sad now*
  12. I'm sorry ;.;
  13. still looking?
  14. Of course
  15. sweet pm me I am at work
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