Looking for roleplay partner

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  1. I'm interested in the following:
    - Old Western
    - Victorian
    - Modern

    - Romance
    - Adventure
    - Fantasy
    _____- Vampires
    _____- Werewolves
    _____- Angels/Demons
    _____- Merpeople
    _____- Elves
    _____- Dragons
    _____- Elementals

    I will roleplay in the forums, on IM, or over email. I have no preference. Message me if you're interested in coming up with a plot.
  2. Id like to do a romance and I only play girls
  3. I don't mind playing a guy :)
    Did you have a plot in mind?
  4. well i don't mind what plot ideas do you have?
  5. I kinda had a couple ideas, though they could use some spicing up.
    1.) Person 1 is either rich or royal and has been forced into an arranged marriage.
    Person 2 is poor and having to steal food in order to save their money for bills and taxes. Somehow, the two come into contact and continue to stay in contact.

    2.) Person 1 is a normal human who has a great interest in wolves and werewolf lore. They have always had a dog as a pet.
    Person 2 is a werewolf, disguised as a large-breed dog. They are hiding from their pack from a falling-out with the pack leader, and little-to-no free land with enough food to sustain a lone wolf, let alone a pack. Eventually, the pack leader sniffs out the traitor wolf and Person 2 has to expose themself to Person 1 and convince them to run in order to save them.

    1 is an idea I came up with yesterday, that needs spicing up. 2 was a roleplay I did a long time ago; I'd love to read it over again, but the forum it was on has been deleted.
    If you have any ideas, feel free to share :D Or we can change one of these ones up.
  6. The first sounds good to do but could we make it in the mature forum so maybe after they come into contact, they date for a while and he has sex with her and she steals all his money and runs off with it. But can I be the girl person 2 please.
  7. Sure :) I'll go ahead and make the threads
  8. ok then send it to me
  9. Is anyone else wanting to rp? :3