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Looking for potential partners!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Tutorial_Boss, Aug 31, 2014.

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  1. Greetings! I am Tutorial_Boss and...and...

    oh god it's like my introduction post all over again...

    ...and I am currently looking for some partners to do 1x1 RPs with!


    Am I available?: :D

    Ok! With that out of the way, let me tell ya some stuff about me! I'm not quite big on the Romance, to be honest. If you(somehow) convince me to do so, however, I would prefer to keep romance at a minimal level. Some hand-holding, little bit of kissing, that kind of stuff. Fade to black if necessary, but that's not likely.

    Besides that, I like a fair bit of all genres, to be honest! I'm willing to try out almost anything at the moment! Almost, anything. Just for reference, though, here are some ideas, fandoms, and pairings I'm interested in.

    Show Spoiler

    - Gravity Falls
    - Mario (If you do something Super Paper Mario related with me, I will love you forever. Not really, but I will be very grateful!)
    - LoZ
    - Pokemon
    - Kirby
    - Animal Crossing(kinda iffy on this one, as I haven't tried it out yet.)
    - Heck, might as well put Smash Bros here as well.

    You don't have to do something fandom related with me, but incase you want to, this is what I'm interested in at the moment!

    Show Spoiler

    - Human x Alien
    - Human x Sentient A.I./Robot
    - Human x Spirit
    - Human x Fairy
    - Spirit x Mystic
    Show Spoiler

    I will add to this list over time as I get more ideas. I'm honestly too lazy to add more here right now.

    Show Spoiler

    The Hero, The Maiden, and The Monster

    The classic tale of "Maiden is kidnapped by Monster, Hero defeats the Monster, and save the Maiden" with a twist! Perhaps the Hero is the real villain, with bigger, eviler plans in mind that they need the Maiden for, and the Maiden just happens to be kidnapped by the Monster. Or maybe the Monster and Maiden are friends/family, and the Hero is charged with murder after defeating the Monster, which might of possibly even been part of the royal bloodline! This one has a lot of room for improvement, and I would love to play around with it.

    Operation: Secret Agent Swap!

    The dangerous and thrilling world of spy movies is an interesting one. You've seen them on the big screen, taking down goons with a swift kick and traversing enemy-filled labyrinths with ease thanks to their nifty devices. Obviously they've been trained to do such amazing things. However, what would happen if someone who wasn't happened to get themselves stuck in the middle of a world-dominating scheme, that only they(supposedly) can stop?
    Show Spoiler

    That Didn't Happen! Right...?

    You've fantasized about it before, for sure. Almost everyone has. The idea of traveling to the past, experiencing the past right before your eyes is simply wonderful to many. Imagine if you just so happened to find a time machine, perhaps in your own home! Instinctively, the first thing you would probably do is go to the past and see it for yourself, but what if you found out something that wasn't in your history textbooks? Like dragons living in ancient Rome? Or the infamous Black Death plague being created by mischievous fae creatures? Perhaps, you might even discover a grand, master scheme created by an Emperor from another galaxy, who planned the demise of planet Earth from the very beginning? The past is rich and vast, and saving it may be our last chance at survival.

    I have more ideas in the future, so check back regularly!

    So yeah! Leave me a message or something so we can something started!

    EDIT: Spoilers are acting a little crazy, sorry about that! I'll try and figure out how to fix those soon...
  2. The Hero, The Maiden, and The Monster I am interested in this one! Sounds so funny and who doesn't love the plot twists right? xD PM me if you're interested too~!
  3. That didn't happen...right? looks like fun. Are you thinking like Dr. Who with someone who knows what's going on and someone who is new, or two kids (I use that loosely) who are totally new?
  4. I'd be up for any plot with the Human x Alien, Human x A.I./Robot, or Human x Spirit.
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