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  1. Alright! So, I am looking for some RP partners. Obviously haha

    I have just created my own World - like a proper one that's a bit more in depth than I usually make.. It's not the best, but it's alright. If anyone might be interested in an RP in my made up world, let me know :)

    I do not have any plots yet - I just finished making this world - so I haven't had time. If you're interested, we can think of something! I have a vague idea on one or two characters I'd like to be.

    But, please be aware that I only want 1 x 1 RPs.. I am all for doing multiple RPs in this world as, after all, it is a world, it's not like everyone's characters is going to interact.. I may make a group RP down the track some time but I somehow doubt it...

    Uthzar (My World) (open)

    World - Uthzar

    Countries -

    Ekait -

    Ustea - East

    Cudor - South

    Suaasal - West

    Heaji - Central

    Ekait -

    • - Mountainous region

    • - People often live in caverns in the mountains.

    • - People hunt and kill their food, or grow it.

    • - Most common descriptions for Ekaitians -

    Olive skin, hair ranging from blacks, greys & browns, eyes ranging from browns to ambers. Often tall, both man and women ranging from 5'9''-6'5''. Not overly bulky builds as most only have lean muscle to allow for easier access to hide from prey. Men will often wear only loose pants/trousers that are easy to run in. Often have paint on faces and chests. Generally ranging from dark green, browns, blacks, greys to blend in. Some will have white paint if they are hunting in really snowy areas. Woman will often wear loose pants and tank tops. Some women will also wear paint on their faces. Ekaitian's are a more tribal country and don't welcome visitors.

    The Ekaitian people are also Loup Garou - or Werewolves. Except, they can only change during the night(at will) and are forced to change during the night of the full moon. They also do not shift into a normal wolf. They stand on their long, hind legs and can use their hands. Their body is basically completely human-like but everything is else is like a wolf.. Their heads/faces change to that of a wolf head, covered in fur and can only communicate through body language or 'telepathy' to their own kind. In their Loup Garou form, most are savage and can not control their bloodlust. Reference

    Ustea -

    • - The land is just vast plains and forest

    • - People often live in 'Tree Houses' or builds small cabins on the ground to live in.

    • - People often grow their food. Will hunt for their meat but will never kill any young creatures.

    • - Most common description for Usteans -

    Fair skin, light brown or blonde hair. Often with blue, green or grey eyes. Men generally range from 5'6'' - 6'0''. Women generally range from 5'0''-5'7''. Lean builds, men can be rather muscular, but women are lean. They are people of stamina. These people do not wear only certain clothes, but many will wear short pants and tank tops(no no shirts for men) as it get rather humid very easily in Ustea. Usteans are generally pretty welcoming towards strangers but demand people abide by their laws of what animals to kill. And to never freely kill man or animal just because they can.

    Usteans are Wyvern tamers. They capture, tame, bond with, raise and look after Wyverns. There are hundreds of different types of Wyverns and Usteans have experience with every single one. Most Usteans will go to a Wyvern nursery anywhere from the age of 14 to see if a Wyvern will bond with them. Bonding is an experience that means a Wyvern will test their potential rider by any means they see fit.. A riddle, witnessing their fighting skills, testing their confidence, anything. Some may even charge at the person or injure them to test their courage. It is completely up to the Wyvern what they do. A person has a choice of trying to Bond with the baby Wyverns, the adolescents or an adult. They can try all if no Wyvern Bonds with them. Once a Wyvern bonds with a person, they stay with them until either Wyvern or person dies. Wyverns, depending on the breed, can range from shy to violent towards people when they aren't bonded to someone. Reference for a general Wyvern

    -Wyverns come in hundreds of different breeds, shapes, sizes and colours.

    Cudor -

    • - Snowy region. Often wrecked with blizzards and many places freeze over.

    • - People often live in large Igloo type houses.

    • - Some will hunt for their food, but many Cudorians will get food delivered from Heaji.

    • - Most Common Description for Cudorians -

    Pale skin, hair from dark browns to black, eyes commonly brown or black. Men commonly range from 5'5''-6'1'' and women commonly range from 5'3''-5'8''. Slender builds, but have a lot of lean muscle. People in Cudor will wear thick, furred clothing, gloves and thick boots to keep warm. Many war earmuffs too. Not many know what people from Cudor are like towards visitors because no one wants to visit the below freezing temperatures, but there are rumors they are indifferent and most won't try to help you if you are stupid enough to try and brave the climate.

    Cudar is protected by three Frost dragons. Gigantic wingless dragons that no one has ever been able to even harm. Their skin is impenetrable. They guard the land and the Cudorian people. If there is ever any major strife, one of the Frost Dragons will show. All three have different names. Hedor, a Giant Frost dragon then looks slightly similiar to a bull in looks. Apana The smallest of the frost dragons and the only female of the 3. Hassau The largest of the Frost dragons and by far the strongest... Cudor also has small wingless Snow dragons that sometimes live with the people. They come in many different colours but are all around the size of a lion or a bull. All Snow dragons are pretty passive and are pretty friendly to everybody.Reference for a general Snow Dragon.

    Suaasal -

    • - Desert/dry region.

    • - People live in tent-like places.

    • - People near the borders on Suaasal, where it isn't so dry, grow crops and distribute it through the land. For meat, they will often get it delivered from Heaji. During the migrating seasons, they will hunt and get their own meat, but migrating season is only once a year.

    • - Most common description of Suaasalians -

    Darkly tanned skin, hair ranging from light blonde to light sandy brown. Eyes can be grey or greyish blue. Occasionally darker blue. Men range from 5'0''-6'2'' and women range from 4'9''-5'8''. No one knows why there's such a big range in heights. Most men will have a rather muscular build as they often train to fight and women will often have slender yet strong builds as they too train to fight. Some people wear long sleeves, some don't. Most people will wear hats, but not always. The general leg wear is long pants though. No one knows why people born and raised in Suaasal don't burn and they don't feel the heat like normal people either. Depending on where you enter from Suaasal, you can be welcomed with open arms.. Or killed on the spot. People from Suaasal hate Ekaitians, so if you enter from near Ekait, you will be killed. Or if they find out you have Ekaitian blood in you, you will be cut down.

    In Suaasal, there are Suaasal Demons, or otherwise known as Desert Demons. Savage beasts that attack anyone who isn't a Suaasal Tamer. It is dangerous to venture through Suaasal without a guide and no town in Suaasal will be without a Tamer. Quite a few towns are also protected by the Demons as Tamers can communicate with the demons and will often ask them to protect them. Some tamers that leave Suaasal may even take a Demon with them for protection. Reference for a general Suaasal Demon.


    • - Heaji is a bit of al lands, but right in the centre is a huge city-like place

    • - Live in all sorts of different houses. Mostly made of wood, some of brick.

    • - Heaji is full of all different animals and crops so they hunt and grow their own food. Some places even raise animals for food/milk Etc.

    • - Most common description for Heajians -

    Heaji is a place where all races can come together if they wish. It is a completely neutral zone. But, if you will know if you come across a true Heajians. They have medium toned skin, hair ranging from chestnut brown to red. Even Strawberry blonde is included sometimes. They don't know why but people from Heaji can have literally yellow eyes. Or they can have amber or vibrant blue. There is no height range for Heajians. Builds vary and so does clothing. Heajians can vary to their degree of welcome towards strangers but they must accept them because Heaji is a neutral zone that accepts all.

    True Heajians are Gryphon Tamers. Much like the Usteans, there is a bond needed. However, gryphons are a lot harder to capture than Wyverns so most gryphons in the Heajian nurseries were eggs or babies stolen from their nests in the wild. Many choose not to bond so there are quite a few adults in the nursery. However, Gryphons are very proud so even with their Bonded one, they can be violent towards others so always needs their bonded human with them to keep them under control. Reference for a general gryphon


    • Ekait hates everyone

    • Ustea doesn't hate anyone

    • Cudor doesn't hate anyone but is wary of Ekait and Suaasal

    • Suaasal hates Ekait

    • Heaji doesn't hates anyone - it is a neutral zone

    Please Realize these are just references/common descriptions so they don't have to followed to the tea. Just don't go completely off kilter and say an Ekaitian is 5'1'' with blonde hair and pale skin and completely nice to everyone haha.

    I am all for other RPs if anyone has some in mind they want to do :)
  2. I'm interested in rp with you ^^
  3. Ooh, yay! Want to take it to Private Message and we can work something out? :)
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