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Scifi, romance,modern, slice of life,Drama
Hi hi I’m Yami!
I’m looking for a one on one chat rp partner to ,well, rp with! XD Specifically to PM rp with.
I usually play the guy, but I would like to play the girl.
I don’t mind romantic intimacy in the rp, it has to have meaning and not be every waking second. @ ^ @ I’m not into Smut.
I only do MxF.
I like action, comedy, romance, scifi, slice of life, coming of age.
I don’t do vamps, zombies, yaoi, yuri, tragedy, don’t like whiney dependant charaters (unless they are going to grow throughout the rp), no crybabies unless there are babies actually crying in the scene o ,o.
As for post size I’m adaptable. I don’t believe every post has to be a novel, as long as it gives me something to reply to, I’m good with whateves’. If I need more I’ll ask, if you need more just ask.

Rp is 18+ and if you’re interested please send me a PM and we’ll start all the adventures!! If not, thanks for reading! n,n

Here's a sample of me writing:

Akari sits in a tiny bar on the outskirts of the Adramida galaxy, light years away from where she had just pulled the heist of the century. The bartender mixed her a Sirelian Slugger while she patiently waited, avoiding the gaze of the few men that populated the joint. Didn't women go to bars on the edge of the galaxy anymore? she thought to her self then felt cold hard steel against the back of her head,

"Don't put up a fight pretty lady. I don't miss." one of the bounty hunters said with a charming smile and a soft whisper. The other were in on it. No wonder it was taking so long for the bartender to make her a drink, "Neither do I." Akari said with a smirk then fired the gun she had aimed strategically at the hunter's torso. She quickly got on the defensive and jumped behind the bar and poured herself a drink when the group of hunter fired at her. Before she could take a sip a bullet went straight through the glass shattering it. Akari's eye twitch and she pulled out her second gun and went Rambo on the joint. She hit every one she needed to making sure not to kill anyone. She wasn't a murderer, she was a thief. The smoke cleared and the bartender shaken passed her her drink, "I-it's on the house..." the bartender insisted. Akari smiled and chugged it before making a run for her ship. She knew it was a matter of time before back up came.

She hoped into her ship and dislodged from the port and warped off using the rest of her fuel. Akari cursed under her breath and looked at her coordinates. She was very deep in the middle of nowhere space. Akari chuckled, "I'm finally rich beyond my wildest dreams and I'm stranded far from civilization!" she laughed then realized how bleak her situation was. She sighed and closed her eyes, "Well old friend...it looks like-" There was a bing on the radar, "we're going to rip off some suckers." she smiled with delight. She sent out an anonymous beacon to the ship before it went out of range.
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