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  1. Hey guys. Looking for some people who'd be willing to play halo reach or minecraft. It should be noted that I play on the Xbox 360 and will give my gamer tag to those interested but I have no mic for Xbox so we'd be chatting over Skype. Will also give that out to those interested. Times I'm on vary but I'll be up for a few more hours if anyone's game for a few rounds of slayer on halo or starting up a new MC world. :3 thanks guys!

  2. Xbox live: EmperorPalpachu
    Skype: united.federation
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  3. Sent you requests!
  4. KooolAidKid15-xbox
    I'll get Skype to you later. I won't be able to get on that today.
  5. Added you!
  6. I wish Lewi, but I don't have my XBox connected to the Wifi.
  7. *snaps fingers* awww man
  8. OMG GACKT - xbox 360.
Thread Status:
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