looking for partners

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  1. I have a few rules that I need to put out there.

    1: Don't give me one liners, I expect 1-3ish paragraphs no more that 3 because I have difficulty read at times.

    2: Please write in third person and paragraph form. None of this: "merp merp merp" - blah blah blah-. I am here to write stories and I intend to be literate.

    3: when making a character sheet with me I ask that you take time to pick out a creative name. I myself have an actual unique name and so does allot of my characters ex: Phoenix Acadia, Saffron Taye, Lilithia Lucifer La Deviant, Rosalia Lavantine etc. I just ask that it be original, and well thought. I also would prefer anime photos then real people.

    Now my list of pairings.

    Red Riding Hood/Wolf Anthro
    Pirate/Sea Goddess
    Nun/Demon (futaxf or straight)
    Villain/Heroine (like devil is a part timer)
  2. I might be interested in bossxemployee or witchxknight
  3. Pm me ^•^