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  1. I am looking for people to roleplay with. I prefer plot to sex but I have no problem with sex scenes. I consider myself a decent writer but it depends on my partner. See the samples for an idea of my average posting length. I can do MxM, FxF, or MxF. I am open to almost any idea. My ideas are flexible and can be tweaked in altos of ways depending on the characters. I like the story to write itself so the plots are a little vague. Here are mine plots:

    1. Kidnapper/hostage- Character A is the son of a mob family. He discovers that his father has become obsessed with a young woman. Knowing how cruel his father can be A decides to kidnap Character B in order to save her.
    2.Teacher/student- Character A is a student struggling (could be with problems at home, drugs, bullying, grades, ect.) She reaches out to Character B who is one of her teachers.
    3. FBI Agent/Witness - Character A is a witness to a major crime. She is put into the witness protection program. character B is assigned to be her protect her.
    4. Alien/human- Character A is an alien on a mission. She has been sent to find a cure for the mysterious illness that is killing her people. Character B is the human that finds her.
    5. Time traveler/person- Character A discovered a box. It seems like an ordinary box, but when A opens a bright light blinds A. When he can see again he finds himself in another time and place with no idea how to get home,
    6. Stoker/Victim- Character A is a man possessed. He wants Character B but he knows he can't have her. So he stalks her.
    7. Viking/captive- Character A is a Viking. He raids a village taking Character B as his captive.
    8. Pirate/captive- Character A is a pirate. She has been paid to kidnap Character B.
    9. Mage/slave- The King's daughter is hit by a mysterious illness. None of the healers in the land can tell him what it is or how to cure it. One day a prophet comes to the king and tells him there is one way to save his caught. He must send a knight and a witch on a quest to acquire several items that can be use to heal the girl.
    10. Beast/slave- Character A is a beast with a quest. He needs to save is son from poachers. But he needs help to do it. He has no one he trusts so he buys Character B from the slave market.
    11. Abused/rescuer- Character A is minding their own business when a sound catches their attention. A follows the sound to where she finds Character B being abused.
    12. Abused/abused- Character A has finally escaped her abuser. But she isn't sure that she is strong enough to make it on her own. When she meets Character B they discover that they have a lot in common. They are both survivors. They decided to support each other.
    13. Beauty/Beast- Character A has been cursed by a witch to look like a beast. Character B has been sent to the castle to met with A thinking he is a regular guy.
    14. Sleeping beauty- A spell has been placed on Character A. No one seems to know how or why. When Character B kisses her she wakes up she can't remember anything
    15. Shapeshifter/human - Character A is a human that finds cat/dog. The animal has obviously been abused and neglected. When A takes it home and cares for him/her. The cat/dog turns into Character B. The two are now bound.
    16. Red Riding Hood- Character A is walking through the woods. She fees like someone is watching and following her. She catches a glimpse of something that doesn't look quite human. Character B has been living in the woods for years.
    17. Snow White- Character A is cursed by someone who is jealous of him/her. Character B hears about the curse and wants to find a way to break it.
    Pet Sitter 18+ (open)
    Character A is a pet sitter, who loves animals. He gets a call saying he’s looking after a pet for the evening. When he arrives at the appointed apartment, he doesn’t see any sign of a pet. Until he looks in the bedroom. Character B Is tied to the bed, wearing a collar. He asks A to get it over and done with, which A reluctantly complies. He enjoys it more than expected, but feels bad leaving B to his abusive master, Character C. B decides he is done with him, after experiencing the love from A. C beats him brutally, but he manages to escape, finding A a at his home.(borrowed from Axy!).
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  2. Hello :) are you still open?
  3. You okay with F x F? if so the adused x rescuer would interest me.
  4. Still looking
  5. Hey, so I got interested in FBI Agent X witness and/or Time traveler X person, both FxF.
    PM me if you want to :D
  6. The search is on
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  7. kidnapper/hostage?
  8. Still open for partners
  9. Are you available for the mage/slave knight Roles?
  10. Hello! If you're still interested in the Beast/Slave or Abused/Abused pairing, I'd love to RP with you.
  11. I'd be up for student x teacher if you want?
  12. You still open? If so, I'm interested in the pirate x captive idea.
  13. Openings still available
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