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  1. Hello everyone I'm searching again because most of my rps have either died or are caught up.

    I'm able to play both female or male and don't mind doing mxm or fxf but for mxm I'm not great at being the dominant one just am not able.

    I am open to anything I don't care we can come up with a plot together PMS or thread I don't mind I can use both anime or real.

    I look forward to working on a plot. :)

    Post length is however a thing with me I give what I get but I love detail and how to keep the posts with atleast two paragraphs or more.
  2. Ding ding ding! Sounds perfect to me!
  3. Lol which part?
  4. I'm looking for a lenient partner as of now :)
  5. Yeah that's me lol as long as I'm not left hanging for about a week lol
  6. I'm off an on about every other day, if that doesn't annoy you!
  7. OK is there any particular pairings you want to do?
  8. I was looking for something slightly complex when it came to the characters. I do so badly want to play my little Vienna, a sweet, kind, innocent vampire in a romantic/mature rp with a dominant male. Change up the usual stereotypical roles of monster/dominant and human/submissive. And in that I mean mostly personality wise, but if you wanted to do a sub/dom thing I'd be all for it :)
  9. Hmm sounds interesting
  10. Would that be something up your ally, or something you'd like to do?
  11. Yeah sure I pretty much do whatever like though it seems hard to imagine a human dominating over a vampire but sure I'll give it a shot
  12. Still looking?
  13. Yeah :) anything in particular pairing you wanted to do?
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