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  1. I'm looking for rp partners, I sort of lost a few so hopefully I can pick up something new!

    • No mature rps, but I don't mind romance
    • No anime/fandoms, but I'm not opposed to rps based on book themes or movie themes if I'm familiar with them
    • I'm not yet comfortable playing other races except for vampires or possibly angels, so sorry I won't play elves, werewolves, fairies, etc. but would play a human if you wanted to play another race.
    • Not particular about length, it's up to the writer, whatever works best for you, but please try to spell correctly unless the errors are intentional or relent to the story
    • I'm used to playing MxF, but am not opposed to FxF or MxM and I'll play either gender.
    • I prefer modern, sci-fi, or apocalyptic type rps but don't mind certain fantasy
    Story ideas
    • New kid moves to a small town school and realizes he/she is different from everyone else (i.e. used to the city, disabled, different religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.) and must learn to fit in/make friends.
    • Rewriting the story of a famous person if they didn't become famous
    • Person can see the dates that others will die and befriends one who will die soon
    • Feel free to suggest any ideas you have
  2. I like the idea of the person that can see when other people die but I'd like to put a spin on it if I may. What he/she could see how someone was going to die for example he/she sees someone drowning. Then he/she saves that person from drowning. Now death is trying to hunt down the would be victim of drowning and now their life is always in danger.

    (If you've ever heard of final destination, that's where this idea comes from)
  3. That's a great idea and super interesting. I've watched the first three movies of Final Destination so it makes a lot of sense and fits perfectly. I'd love to try it with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.