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  1. Howdy. I have been role playing for a few years now and I can rp mature content. So I came here. I am big into Supernatural, Fantasy, Medieval, Romance, Adventure, Action. I prefer female but I can double. I can post around a paragraph or two and I expect no one liners a few sentences would be great.

    No text talk

    No one liners


    Vampire x Werewolf

    Werewolf x Werewolf

    Dragon x Rider

    Elemental x Elemental/hunter

    Werewolf x Hunter

    Mthyical Crearture x Hunter

    Demon x Angel

    Demon x Slayer

    Demon King x Human Queen (vise versa)

    Arranged Marriage


    Native American Tribes

    Prince/ess x War prisoner

  2. Hey! I saw your little thingy here and I'd like to know if you want to do a roleplay.
  3. Lol you mean my thread. Sure I wouldn't mind a role play. Do you have one in mind?
  4. A medieval peasant and elf romance sort of thing?
  5. Mmm ok lets see....

    *pulled from the catacombs of my brain*

    An elven hunter/ess or guide is sent out on a mission upon this mission the peasant is met and could become endangered by the mission in some way.


    A royal elf is passing through a town heading towards the human castle. The carriage crashes and the peasant saves the elven royal. Upon this happening the royal looses their memory. The royal had been heading towards the human standings for an arranged marriage bringing the two races to peace.
  6. Here's an odd one, but how about a human accidentally ends up in the elf realm? Full of dangers and mythical creatures? And humans are forbidden?
  7. Ok I see where you are going with this. Would your character then be the human?
  8. If you're okay with that.
  9. I am simply trying to figure out what my character would be upon your character entering the realm. I think my character will be an elven warrior or hunteress. Would we like to do Character sheets or just post a picture in the first post?
  10. Uh.. I'm used to doing character sheets.
  11. Ok that can be done.






    (You can add anything you like.
  12. That's fine with me. Could you make yours first so I can see what kind of character I should use? x3
  13. I am not sure if this is where we are suppose to do OCC could go through PM or conversation.

    Name: Luna Monfort

    Age: 19

    Weapon: Twin Blades

    Bio: To be explained

    Looks: [​IMG]
  14. arranged marriage, maybe femmeslash
  15. You are going to have to tell me what Femmeslash means. I am new to this sight.
  16. I only do M x F though I can double.
  17. okay mxf but do you play males or females?
  18. I play female but we could double. I play a male and a female and you do as well. In an arranged marriage plot it could be a set of twins from one kingdom married another.
  19. sure that sounds awesome could you begin it and do you want Character bios for each of my characters in the first post?