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  1. Hello! I'm new to the forums, and trying to get something started. I have a few ideas that I would like to find partners for, most a few are dark, one is a bit of fluff. I'm looking for someone to play the male characters, as I make a very horrible male.

    These stories do have mature content, and two of them do have abuse, so consider yourself warned.

    Story 1 - Wife x Husband's best friend (Fluff, romance)

    A woman has been married for a little over two years, but her marriage is starting to fall apart. Her husband is so obsessed with having a child, that it is starting to drive them apart. In steps h[SIZE=4]er husband's mysterious best friend [SIZE=4]who has been overseas for the past five years, and whom she has never met. He soon becomes her new confid[SIZE=4]ant[SIZE=4], and tries to help her through [SIZE=4]her mar[SIZE=4]i[SIZE=4]tal problems[SIZE=4]. However, an attraction [SIZE=4]develops between them, and they're forced to make a de[SIZE=4]cision whether they should act on their feelings[SIZE=4] and hurt th[SIZE=4]e person who unknowingly [SIZE=4]br[SIZE=4]ought them together, or if they should ignore their feelings and continue to remain miserable in their prospective lives[SIZE=4].

    Story [SIZE=4]2: Good Girl[SIZE=4] x Rock[SIZE=4] [SIZE=4]Star (Dark, abuse)

    A young colle[SIZE=4]ge student[SIZE=4] is the [SIZE=4][SIZE=4]epitome[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]of innocence. At eighteen, she's nev[SIZE=4]er even been on a date. Her entire [SIZE=4][SIZE=4]adolescence was s[SIZE=4]pent taking care of her father after the sudden death of her mother. She has only one real love in her life, and that is music. When her best friend buys concert tickets [SIZE=4]fo[SIZE=4]r the girl's favorite band for her birthday, she goes to the concert with no intentions of doing anything other than enjoying the music an[SIZE=4]d hanging out with her best friend[SIZE=4]. [SIZE=4]Unfortun[SIZE=4]ately for the shy girl, she [SIZE=4]somehow manages to catch the attention of the band's lead singer. After a brief meeting[SIZE=4], the singer decides that he has to be with her, even though she is clearly not interested and does not trust him. The more she fights him, the darker his [SIZE=4]plans become on making her realize that she belongs [SIZE=4]to him, and him alone.

    S[SIZE=4]tory 3: [SIZE=4]Vampire x Werewolf prisoner

    She is considered to soft [SIZE=4]and gentl[SIZE=4]e. Her maker believes that she needs to be given lessons on the brutality that their race is capable of, an[SIZE=4]d for her to learn [SIZE=4]what their [SIZE=4]enemies are truly like. Capturing a werewolf, [SIZE=4]her maker locks him in the[SIZE=4] basement [SIZE=4]of the home that they share, [SIZE=4]leaving the male chained, bound[SIZE=4] and gagged each and every single day[SIZE=4], but at night she is to stay in the room with him until her hatred for his kind can grow. She is forced to fe[SIZE=4]ed him, [SIZE=4]bathe him, and beat him whenever h[SIZE=4]e acts out of place. He of course as all prisoners tend to do fights back at first, but then [SIZE=4]devises a plan to turn her away from her maker and get her on his side.

    Their a bit vague[SIZE=4], but those are [SIZE=4]the general ideas. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]


  2. Not even a nibble? =(
  3. I could try something though this is my first time doing this. Why not a typical romantic couple in a hard mature RP?
  4. I could probably come up with something like that, if you don't have any ideas.
  5. Sure. Why not?
  6. Okay, I have a few ideas that might work. If you want, I could pm you, or you can pm me and I'll lay them out for you.
  7. I like one and two.

    But I would like to play the female.
  8. Sorry, I don't usually play males in mature roleplays. =/
  9. I like the Rockstar: Good Girl one...