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  1. I'm Wing and I'm looking for some people to roleplay with.

    I do fandom and original RP's.

    What I expect from you:
    Be active - No you don't have to post everyday. After all we do have lives. Just if you're going to be inactive for a while then please tell me.

    Be honest/respectful - If there's a problem I do expect you to tell me. You wanna drop the roleplay? Tell me.

    I expect very little. I love plotting and roleplaying with people.

    I will not roleplay with teen members. I just want to make that clear. Nothing against teens.
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  2. I would love to try a Young Justice, K-Pop, or Ouran High School Host Club based roleplay with you ^_^
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  3. Go ahead and PM me.
  4. Do you do FxF pairings or MxF?

    I have a vague superhero plot I would love to expand on.
  5. Can we do an original plot together?
  6. @Huntress - I've only ever done MxF and MxM but please send me a PM with your idea.

    @Whisperingwilliows Sure go ahead and PM me
  7. Alright, sign me up for Jurassic World or Pokemon and we're good.

    Translation: I am interested in either of the above, please don't be freaked out.
  8. Awesome!! Send me over a PM.
  9. Ooh! Treasure Planet, Avengers also what Disney are you thinking?? ^_^
  10. You can go ahead and send me a PM if you want. Disney movie's or shows either standalone or crossed over. Nothing highly specific.
  11. Oh X-men Evolution, haven't seen one of those in a while. I have an OC I could use for that if you are still interested.
  12. Yep. Always. Send me a PM.
  13. Still looking
  14. Still looking.
  15. Still looking.
  16. I would like to do a role play with you!! hehehe i'm new and i'd love to start one. Preferable pokemon or wolfs rain?
  17. Sorry I don't roleplay with teen members.
  18. Dang... Okey dokey then
  19. I would love to do a Marvel RP if you're still looking for partners. :]
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